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Friday, 22 June 2012

Update & OOTD

Hey dolls! Some of you have probably wondered why i haven't blogged in a while its simply because Ive just not been feeling myself, I dunno what has been up with me!

 A we quick update on what Ive been up to, I haven't been up to much apart from i went on Holiday to turkey! which i loved it was the best Holiday ever! I met this really sweet guy but things arnt the best with us :( .. Buh hey ho! I am going back on 27th June again for 9 days which am really excited about especially with this terrible rain we have! Also some of you have know or may not know i have been ill for the past 5 years and Ive started writing a book about everything whats happened over the past years and i got put up for an award, I keep my personal life to myself a lot but i thought i would share with yous some pictures from the evening and of course what i wore! Eoghan Quigg & Amelia Lilly were at the awards evening and a few other celebs!

 Dress was from Primark £15.00
 Bracelet was from new look - £4.99

I hope yous enjoyed this post

 If yous would like to see a whats in my suitcase post..leave a little comment. Oh and also if yous would like to see what i bought while on Holiday!

Lots of love x x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

MAC !!

Hi Dolls!

Very exciting MAC purchases! As most of yous who read my blog know, I mostly only buy MAC. But how ever i did go of it a while ago but hey ho ! am loving it again!  ha ha.. I recently bought a MAC blusher brush however me being very stupid forgot i already had the brush, So i returned it and bought a new bronzor and my very FIRST mac lipstick! It was so hard to pick a lipstick as they have so many pretty shades! But i decided just to get a natural shade- Pretty Please,  I call it a natural shade! I am totally loving it! i think another MAC lipstick needs to be bought! The reason for me getting a bronzor is because am of on my jolly holidays very soon, I thought it was a perfect time to get  a bronzor to use while am on Holiday i didn't want to get a really dark colour or else i would be orange! I got the minerlize skin finish natural- Medium/dark.

Have you bought any MAC lipsticks? Whats your favourite Shade?

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Amy Childs

Heello to all my lovely followersss!!

I thought i would share with you a very exciting thing i spotted in a magazine which is sold all around the worldd...

Yes, It is ME in the NEW magazine! i didn't want to go on and on about me meeting Amy child's as i just didn't really think yous would want to know but now am like course yous would! (Some of yous may already know as its on my twitter) if one of the bloggers i follow met her i would be very interested and excited for them! I met Amy a few weeks ago at her salon. I travelled to london on the thursday went to our hotel 'The Hilton' Then on the friday morning a very beautiful pink limo picked me up and of we went to ESSEXXX. I met Amy her lovely self and her very lovely workers, Her salon is out of this world if i lived closer believe me i would never be out of it! it does evrything you could imagine! I had an amazing time with Amy she give me a make-over and give me lots of her products&more. People often say that famous people change when they do become famous! One thing i will say Amy is not at all like that she is just like any other young girl living the dream ! While i was in Essex i popped into Minnie's boutique and Lucy's! what fab shops they are!
I am really pleased that Amy has got so far and done so well!

My twitter is- BeautyGeek_

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

24hour maybelline

I hope you all doing well!

I just thought i should share with you a product what has been talked about a lot with all us bloggers!
There is so much hype about this item i couldnt resist buying it! I was never a big fan of Maybelline before so i didn't really know what to expect from this product. I used it yesterday (sorry for the quality of these pics)
And to be honest i wasn't sure what i thought of it. firstly you had to put a lot on to even get the colour on your eyes,It states in the description of this item - 'Popping colour that glides on'.It didn't go too well as it was like out of date eyeshadow! Thats the best i can describe it ha ha. I was pleased with this item and to be honest most of the new items  whats coming out are not to good! I would recommend the 17 cosmetics cream eyeshadow before this one. It is called 24hr obviously its meant to stay on longer than any other eyeshadow but sadly it didn't.

If you want to try it for yourself you can buy it - here 

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Hi dolliess!
We quick post for yous to have a peek at tonight - Xen-tan.

I have tried many different types of fake tan before and i was thinking of buying this xen-tan until i seen the price..I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to review it.

I seen a lot of bloggers talking about the xen-tan and saying it is very good so i was extra excited to try it out and see for myself what it is actually like, I tried a bit on my mums leg and loved the colour but not so much the smell-vanilla.

Few days later i tried it out for myself to actually see if it done what it said it does and NO it didn't. It went very patchy and you needed to use a lot to get a nice colour.  I was veryy disappointed in this tan as they was so much hype about it. I would definitely not recommend this to anyone.

Over all i would give it

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Loreal; Lipstick.

I hope your all well!

Just a quick post on a new lipstick I bought while in Superdrug! If you don’t like very all out there lipsticks then this is the one for you! I never used to wear lipsticks until a few months ago. When I  started wearing them I loved them then I thought the pinks made my teeth look terrible – which they did. I stopped wearing pink lipstick for that reason; don’t get me wrong I love the look of pink lipsticks. When I popped into superdrug I saw this beaut lipstick by L’Oreal-  01 FASHIONSTA PINK.

I tried it on and loved it even though it’s a pink! When you apply it, its like a shimmer pink but you cant notice  it is actually pink! Which I love! Just a natural day to day lipstick. In superdrug it is £7.99.

What’s your favourite natural lipstick ?

Monday, 23 April 2012


Hey Dollies!

I am trying to blog as much as i can so sorry for the lack of posts! I do have a lot planned & also trying a few new items i bought.

I wanted to share with you my DIY studded shorts. I seen shorts in Topshop which were £34.00 which i thought was a little to expensive especially just for plain ones. I was going to purchase them until i had a little look on boohoo, The shorts they have on there are gorg and the price is too!  I  spotted a pair of shorts for £10 or £12 pound. When they arrived i did like them but thought..hmm There a bit to plain? I had a little look on eBay and seen studs what you can put on any clothing..I got them and put some on my shorts! They only cost me a few  pounds. 

I thought if i studded the front pocket and one back pocket it would look nice..I started studding the back pocket and it wasn't as nice doing all the pocket so i just done a strip down each of the pockets.
I must Say it does take patience.

I like the way i did do the pockets and had such a nicer price than topshop. Topshop have dip dyed shorts in at the minute so i think i might try dying a pair of my shorts.

To get this sort of shorts you will need-
Non-sharp knife.

They are very easy to apply all you have to do is push the stud through the shorts or what ever you are studding and then bend the back of the stud when you have pushed it through and that will be it secured. You can also get many different colours in these studs on ebay. This was my very first DIY piece of clothing and i think they look not to bad! When I do wear them i will post OOTD post.

Have you ever done anything to your clothing like this?

Friday, 20 April 2012

Liz Earle

I thought i would write this well over due post! I do apologise for only posting about this product now the reason for me not posting about it sooner is because i like to try products out for a few months before blogging about it!

I received this product a few months back from the lovely Liz&Earle. I had always wanted to try there items out but never got round to actually buying there products so i was very pleased when i received this little beauty! The packaging it came in was lovely, I think when reviving products it is important for nice packaging..It makes you want to buy more of there products. It came with two cloth (wipes) And a little Liz Earle bag. I have been using it to remove my makeup at night time and have really loved it! It has a rich and creamy texture.It is amazing for removing makeup. I find you really do need to buy very good wipes to remove your makeup. I would use the Johnston's blue makeup remover wipes and love them but i think am loving Liz&Earle more! It removes your makeup more less on the first wipe, It even removes mascara Very well..Which would be one of my problems when taking my makeup of. I would definitely recommend this if your looking for a good product to remove makeup.

I love it more because it has Naturally active ingredients include eucalyptus and cocoa butter for smoother, clearer skin. If your worrying on how to use this item probably DONT worry you get a book and instructions with it.

Have you ever tried Liz Earle products?

To Buy This product - Click here


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Easter & OOTD.

Hey guys,

Just a we post to let yous know how my easter has been, It has been amazing. I love easter time as we go to my grandas hoilday carvan and have a easter hunt for the kids and paint eggs! Which is lots of fun seeing my we cousins faces when they find there goodies&Roll there eggs! :) Happy times..

But on saturday i got a phone call to say your meeting JLS before the concert on sunday! i was The happiest girl ever! i have been wanting to meet them for ages! I finally did meet them and they were lovely and  such genuine guys! (Very hot too)  I just coudnt believe i met them. The concert was very good and one of the best concerts ive been too.
:)  As i said i got a new dress while shopping in derry well i wore it to meet my boys and they all commented on it, I got it from yellowmoon, i haad never heard of this shop but i fell in love with all the items in it! They all also commented on my new shoes i got from lipsy. When i was watching there concert all as i could smell was there after shave what they wore! Sounds stupid but it smelt soo good.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I won!

How are y'all doing?

I got some very exciting news! I got into the last 20 finalists of 'Pramerica spirit of community Awards' Some of you are probably thinking what is it? Well its a competition what is massive in America and its far bigger there than here as that's were it all started. The 'Pramerica spirit of community Awards'  is a competition what is held every year through out the all of Ireland and northern Ireland schools, It is a way of saying thank you more less for the work what you do as in helping out at homes, Helping others and doing fund raising for different Charity's..There are many other things you can enter if you offer to do these as a volunteer and basically its an event to say thank you for the work what we do, To help others! And yes i did win! In the juniors group :) There was 20 finalists and  a juniors group as i am only 16. I won the juniors group. Each 20 finalists got 500 euros, The over all winner got 1000 euros for there charity of there choice and a trip to America to see how pramerica is over there!
                                                         I got a medal, 500 euros & a very special crystal.

There was a Lovely evening meal to say what each of us does and to say thank-you again, The meal was lovely and it was such a great night..There was some amazing people there.  I was put into this competition as i am writing a book to help teenagers understand cancer in better and easy form. As i was diagnosed 5 years ago with cancer so i thought writing this book for teenagers to understand easier rather than all of the confusing words the doctors put it into.  I really do hope this will help teenagers.

This was my outfit for the Evening.

                                               This is me with my mum with the medal i got :)

                                                               lots of love xx

Keep an eye out for my shopping trip after this event! 

Friday, 23 March 2012

I LOVE shopping!!

Hey dolls!
         I Hope everyone is all good and enjoying the sun! :) i can not wait till summer now!

I thought i would share with you a few things i picked up in town the other day, I find primark has some lovely things in it for such a great price..unlike topshop. Buh hey we all need beaut things to wear esp as summers near here. I thought i would show you just some of the things so its not such a long boring post! So heres some of the things i picked up whilst in town-

Sorry for the poor quility of these images.

1. Gold top is from H&M £7.99+ Head band primark for £2
2.Purple vest top is from primark £7+ Usa flag top NV £5.99
3. Tiger top £5.00 
4.Dress £10.

What do you think of some of the things i picked up ?

lots of love x x

Monday, 12 March 2012

Outfit post - Saturday night!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, Mine wasnt to bad :)  I just went out on saturday night with family to a fundraising event. It was lovely & i really hope they raised a lot of money. Heres some pictures and what i wore..
                                                                  My leggings are from NV. £7.99
My blazor is from new look, a few years ago.
My bracelet is from Muse.
Myplain black vest is from primark.
looking back at pictures now i dont like my makeup or what i wore on me.
This is just a we picture showing my makeup and hair.
My lipstick is Chery coles one she brought ouut.
Foundation&Blusher is MAC.

 Me & my Auntie heather : )

Me & My Mummy :) 

Saturday, 10 March 2012



I hope everyone is well..I thought i would share with you what i have got up to :) I was going to the wanted concert on Thursday night-Which was amazing!!  and I thought to myself i might as well go see if MAC could fit me in to do my makeup and thankfully they good! I was very pleased that they wernt to busy. I was a big fan of MAC until my foundation started going to orange but now i think am back to being addicted to it.. Good thing or not?

The girl who was doing my makeup-  Her makeup was gorg! I was well jel ;) But anyhow she do do a good job of mine. I didn't tell her what i wanted she just done it and i loved it.. Previously i got my makeup done in illimasqua for my formal whats in my previous post, I think am going to have to say MAC one was better... I couldn't not buy myself a cheeky little purchase while there so i bought the blusher she used and had on.
                                       I hope you all have a lovely Saturday!

              I am heading to a charity night  so outfit post to follow tomorrow.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dresses-I wore!!

Hey Dolls! I though i would post what i wore to my 16thy Birthday & My formal. I waited until my formal was over until i showed you what i wore for my birthday, I hope yous like the dresses:) I am in blue at my formal and my birthday i am in the puffy dress:)!

Some of yous have probably read my post on what to wear for my birthday, I did put the dress i am wearing and yes it was the expensive one! My mum&dad said yes to me getting it! £325 pound in one book i had a look at but i got it for £270. I wear Jinkksy earrings. Priceless shoes and Debenhams ring. Heres a close up of my ring to match my diamond butterfly on my dress!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Super sweet 16th :)

Hey Dolls. I thought i would share with you what my birthday was like and why i done it..I thought i would raise some money for Northern Ireland Children's Cancer Fund so i decided to make my birthday party into a fundraising night as well as my birthday..Lots of very kind people donated some very good prizes. We had a night at the races && Ballets to raise money. The night turned out such an amazing night and also for such a great Cause! My school done a "Were something colourful daay" to raise money and my uncle done a scooter run and they raised a lot of money. My cuzin nathan is a linfield player so he got a signed football done to auction! Which was fab. We havnt yet got a final total but i will let yous all know what we raised!!

The theme of my party is old fashion sweets and sweets what is still in the shops now..We had lots of cupcakes and a photograper there. Over all the night was such a fantastic night&I really enjoyed myself.
We Also had huge lolly pops which were more than 6ft but i didnt take a picture :(
I will post about my outfit in a different post so theres not so much in one post!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Liz Earle

I hope everyone is well & had a lovely valentines day! I got some mini eggs and Thorntons mini cupcakes :)

Sorry for this post being late but i have been busy shopping..So many posts to come!

I never used to look after my skin or even take my makeup of at night until 3-4 years ago..When i think back at it now i cant beilve i never used to,now when i go to bed with any makeup on i feel so dirty! When i do i always get up and take it of! Now ive relised that we really do need to look after our skin. I recived this beauty in the post -

I have never tried any of there products but when i used this i was very impressed with how good it took of my makeup *Including Mascara* It left my skin feeling lovely and soft. I would definitly recommand this product to someone. I cant wait to try some more of there products.

 Personally I would give this product a 8/10.
You can buy Liz Earle Products at - Link 

Lots of love x

Keep a look out for what beauty products i bought this week.

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Hey everyone!
Firstly i want to say I am so sorry for not doing many beauty posts (make-up), I love showing you guys what all i get when i go shopping,So please so let me know what yous prefer?! 

Heres just what i picked up when i poped into my local boots store!
Barry M Pastel colour nail polish - I haven't used them yet though.
Soap & Glory Hand sanitiser- It smells so good!
John Fredia Hair treatment-I used it and it was the best one Ive tried my hair had volume and in excellent condition
(I left it in for 15 minutes) 
Vo5 Smooth does it - It really does what it says on the tube !
Cheryl Cole lipstick - It is a lovely shade of red, In my opinion,It isn't the best for staying on all day.

Here's the Cheryl Cole lipstick on me -
With and without lipgloss,Personally i love it with lipgloss.
The lipgloss is MAC.

I hope you enjoy this post, I feel that yous arnt enjoying them as much..But please do let me know :)

Lots of love x x

I love hearing from yous. If theres anything yous dislike or anything yous know to make this a better blog.
Do email me or comment! love hearing from yous.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Got your perfect outfits?

Hope everyone is haveing a good thursday (As am not) :( ...
           Valentines day is coming soon, so heres some things what might help you along your planning & clothing!

Below is just a little plain but dressy outfit!
If you have a Boyfriend/Husband..Maybe he'll treat you to some of these gifts or
 Maybe you could treat yourself!
                                              Personally i love everything about this outfit below..<3

I put all these outfits together myself.

I hope this helps you with Valentines Day!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I cant live without shopping..

How y'all doing? I am just chilling in front of my lovely warm fire, and thought to take some pictures of my new items..and show you! I have got a huge amount well for only one week worth of shopping! I personally think it is, I am going to save some for separate posts so this one is going to be to long & to go into more detail in the items to come.

 Both these tops are good fit & look much more expensive than they were.

I have been wanting new trainers from i started the gym but didn't want to pay to much for a pair in case i didn't stick to the gym,but i seem to be going every week! whoop. When i spotted these little pair i was well chuffed. Couldn't be bad for £7.00!

These are just we things i picked up & wanted to try! I haven't yet tried the lip tattoos but i tend to this week so look out for that post! I think the 'Filly' Phone cover was cute..Some of you may think its a little childish and mind you i wouldn't of gone for something like this but when i saw it i wanted it plus couldn't be bad for a pound!

Have you tryed lip tattos?

lots of love x x x