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Monday, 30 January 2012

Kardashians Kolor

Hey dollsJ

I haven’t been at much lately apart from online shopping for lovely goodiesJ One of the things what I purchased was a nail polish from the Kardashian Kolor collection, The colours in the range are stunning if they weren’t as expensive as what they are I would love them all ! The colour I got was Kim –Pletely in love. The reason for me buying this colour was because I wanted a natural, not to in your face colour. I absolutely love it! and the reason for me loving it so much is because it dries quick & has glitter in it as well. I always have a habit to always messthem up because I don’t have the patience’s the wait them dry!

I bought mine of Asos - link

The Kardashian Kolor collection from Nicole by O.P.I. Featuring a collection of shades created by O.P.I and the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie. The hard wearing nail polishes give a gloss finish and are chip resistant.
These are all the different colours you can get.
Lots of love xxxx

Sunday, 29 January 2012


I thought i would do a little Sunday post! I am currently watching the only way is Essex! Some people say the girls on it are awful looking but i think there pretty i love there hair the most! I ordered more extensions - Pre Bonded ones! They have well went up in price! £150.00 It cost me for them. But the way i look at it is that they will last me months! i will do a before and after picture and show you guys, When i get them in! :)

These two colours of lipsticks are two what i got a few weeks ago but haven't got round to using them alot. I got the primark one for a natural colour for just any day use. It is good although it doesn't stay on as long as you would like it to! I am absolutely loving the NYC one, I like dark but nice colour of lipsticks. I think it cost me £2.00 or £3.00 pound not a lot and the primark one was £1.00 i think. If i want a MAC or Illimasqua lipstick, i always tend to buy a Little cheap one before i would buy the MAC, just to make sure i like it.

Lots of love xxx MWAH

Saturday, 28 January 2012

One Direction

I Had a Fab night at one direction i went with my Three cousins:) I thought i would share some Pictures from my Brilliant Night at One direction:) Matt Lonsdale & Boyce Avenue were there suppourting acts and they were amazing! Enjoy:)
Am the one in the middle
Have a Relaxing Saturday everyone...I am having one then off out to get  Dinner:)

lots of love xx

Friday, 27 January 2012

'OOH LA LA' Nails!

Hope yous all are doing well!

I thought I would share this little item  with you what a lot of you will love, I’ve just been chilling recently. But I did get some news Very GOOD news. It was that I got 4 one direction tickets, Where one direction are playing it was sold out in seconds where I live and I was one of those ones who didn’t get tickets, which I was not happy with !! I was well pleased when my auntie got a call from a certain someone that they got me four tickets! Whoohooo!!!!!!!!! I was in Primark in the queue to pay when I spotted these beaut fake nails so I lifted them and looked at the price and they were only £1.00! How cheap&amazing is that? Ano, I put them in my basket then when I got home I tried them out and they were nice on but didn’t last as much as I thought they would of but if you were going out for a night they would be a good cheap choice.

 In each pack you get 24 nails & Glue. I would buy stronger glue rather than use the glue you get.

Lots of love xxxxx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I want to say a HUGE Thank-you to everyone who reads my blog and also who as giving me these amazing awards throughout the week- I am so happy to say i have got awarded two Cute blog awards,So Ive decided to put them into one to save 2 posts what theres no need for!:) I have got 4 awards this week! AMAZING.
Thank you so much:

- Link back to the person who awarded you
- Answer award questions
- Share something you haven't shared about yourself on your blog
- Award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award
1. What is your 'go to' make up product?
I wouldn't really say i have one but maybe foundation?
2. What was your favourite fashion trend of 2011?
Again,i don't have one. I like to try out different styles but maybe the Peter Pan collars.
3. Favourite colour?
5. What was the last song you listened to?
I haven't a clue! How bad is that? aha!
6. Cats or dogs?
Dogs,I think cats are just horrible, no offence to anyone who loves them just my opinion!
PS i want a Pug.

I  think i have shared most things with my 'blogging' Friends;)
Apart from a very personal thing i don't find the need to tell yous.

The blogs i find CUTE.

Lots of love xxxx

A Massive Thankyou to -Click here  for giving me this award! Thank you so much.

Award other blogs for this award.
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Write seven interesting facts about yourself.

The blogs i have awarding this award to are -

1.I have met Peter Andre and still talk with him :)
2.I love children
3.I love my hair long because when its short its awfull!
4.I were size 7-8 shoes.
5. Am a Daddys Girl
6.I buy&buy clothes,now i have no more room left to put them.
7. Am a really girly girl!

Lots of love xxx

Monday, 23 January 2012

Bits && Bobs :)

Hello lovely!
Just a Lil post to show you all what all Ive got and obviously i have been shopping:)*Retail Therapy*
Here goes -

1. Primark (ive wanted this for so long in the end i got 3 sizes to big for me,Cuz i wanted it so much)
2. Primark i love this esp the colours,add some pearl beads and your sorted!

1.Soft pig socks,Hair accesiores&ankle socks-With a very cute bow on the back of them.
2. I couldnt resist this make-up bag, esp the part for brushes also as it says''Kiss and Make-up'' such a nice saying!

 1. Volume Dust,I saw this in asda when i was shopping instanly had to grab it. I havnt used it yet but when i do i will review it-tell me if you would like me to.
2. Primark. Set of 3 belt set.I thought these were cute.
3. I popped into claires a a lil look and i saw this to do buns in my hair,II have a smaller one but want a large one to make a bigger ones. I often say how do them girls get there hair like that.
4.Primark- i got this little £2.50 T-shirt for the Gym.
1.I am a massive fan of Jessie-J, when i saw this for £5.00 BARGAIN!
The reason for me buying a acctual cd is for my house before my 16th! whoohoo!

^^ I got these eyelashes below in New look,£4.99. They are so similar to the illimasqua ones.They are below.<3
Sorry for such a long post but i do love sharing things like this with you all.
Lots of Love xxxxx

Saturday, 21 January 2012


I want to say thankyou for this award -


1. Link back to the person who gave you this award. 
2. Complete the form below/answer the questions.
3. Award ten other bloggers, and let them know.
4. Share seven random thoughts about yourself.

The Form:

1. Name your favourite song:
All Saints - Never Ever

2. Name your favourite dessert:
Chocolate cake&ice creeam

3. What ticks me off:
Cheeky people.

4. When I'm upset I:
Cry :(

5.What's your favourite pet:
My Dog

6. Black or white:

7. Biggest fear:

8. Everyday attitude:
Stay strong,Think positive.
i know two questions are missing.
I am awarding these blogs for the KREATIV Blogger.
Random Facts about me -
1.I wear Glasses sometimes \oo/
2. I am not a very confidence person.
3.I always try loose weight.
4. I had a serious illness for a few years now:(
5. i have expensive taste.
6. My shoe size is 8!
7. I dont go outside without makeup. not in less i am sick.
lots of love x


Peter Pan Collar

I hope your all doing fab and enjoying life! J

I am sorry I am not blogging as much as I had been I’ve been busy planning my 16th Birthday party which is next month! EXCITING.  I do try hard to blog a lot! All my lovely followers are amazing!  I can’t wait to tell you all! Its real exciting, I cant tell you just yet as it’s a secret mwhaa..But of course I will Very soon.

I recently discovered Dolly Bow Bows Blog, Then I seen that she had her own website, me being me I clicked on it soon as I saw it! I love finding new websites and exciting ones, I loved the website she has some beautiful items on there and also ones what has a vintage style to them. I had a little noisy on there I didn’t see much what I needed, But  I did see a lot of things I loved but I didn’t need any of it as I have far to much jewellery! I liked the way the website has more jewellery than clothes although the clothes what is on the website is beautiful and there’s something on it to do everyone! Also its not to expensive like some websites. I discovered the Peter Pan Collars, They are so so cute I loved them, I purchased the multi coloured one so it would go with most things, The Peter pan colour does team up any plain t-shirt or jumper!
                                               A MUST HAVE.
They are only £10.00. Which isn’t too expensive? The only bad thing I would say about it that the delivery took a little long as I am very in-patient although it was worth the longer wait ! I emailed them and I got no reply which I wasn’t happy about. If Dolly Bow Bow is reading this- Thank you so much for my Peter Pan collar! I love it and will definitely be buying it of the website again

I thought the packageing was very cute,even though it was just a brown paper bag with a sticker !
                                                        What do you think?
Hope you enjoyed this post!

Lots of love x x

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hello dolly!! How are you all?!

I apologise for not posting as much as i should be! I have just been so busy lately with planning for my birthday party, Honestly there is just so much things to do and organise for it! i am so excited about it! I really hope it turns out as good as we are planning it to! Also all the money is going to children's cancer:)

I recently saw this little colour bug in a video and when i saw it and how good it looked i had to cave in and buy one! am such a sucker for things like this,But hey ho. :) Anything what people say is good and it looks good i have to have it! so yes i did buy it and i got the Pink one, OMW it is amazing! I done all the ends of my hair and the amount whats still left would do loads of peoples hair, I was so surprised by how much was left!

Where the K in the pink colour bug is its like powder, I think its mainly for doing the ends of your hair but i think it could do all it if you used it all you have to do is take the clear packaging cover and rub it into your hair then make sure all your colour is moisturised into your hair! I personally love it! I am now thinking on getting it dyed permanent pink colour! What do you think should i dye it pink? Also after you put it into your hair i would keep a towel around you so it doesn't go on your clothes

Excuse my bad roots,Very white face! awful pic.
You can buy these colour bugs from amazon, That's were i bought mine. 

Lots of love x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

I want..I want.

Hello Doll . I hope your all well! I apologise for lack of posts lately but i just haven't been in the mood but am back today!!!

Today am going to be writing about a dress i really want!! Its my birthday 24th feburary and am having a massive party (I will write a post soon on it) and as always i want to look my best after all it is my sweet 16th!!!!!!! whoohoo. I am so excited and its only janurary! this normal?LOL. I really want this dress but theres a little problem its £325 But look how beautiful it is.
I realllyyyy want this dresss soo much!!:( weh. I looked on the internet to see if anywere has it cheaper and i found it for £270! I think its so expensive because its forever unique. Its alot cheaper but still to dear. My mum woundnt pay that much for a dress and seriously when you think about it, It is a little expensive but its soo pretty. I looked on the interent for different dresses and i found this on..

I found this on on a website for £68 which is a bit cheaper but not as nice:( I hate when i want something but its far to expensive! expensive taste eh? I ordered this one and am hoping it fits.(Ill let you know on my birthday post) This dress was worn by - Cheska from made in Chelsa.

What do yous think of them dresses? be honest.

MWAH x x

Sunday, 8 January 2012

I need advice !!!!!!!!! :)

Hello Dolls, 
              Hope yous all had a lovely Sunday !
Today i am needing some advice on Two things! The two things are setting spray to make my make-up last longer during the day and concealer!!!  I haven't never used concealer but i just feel like i want to weird eh?! So if yous have some names of good Concealers please please let me know..Also for the makeup setting spray i have seen a few but i want to know whats the best before i go buying rubbish but expensive ones. I know i said two things but i think i'll slip another.. Whats your favourate Colour of lipstickkk????

Little short post today but look out for some good post.

Please Please Please.

                       Thank-you. Looking forward to hearing all the great advice. Yay

Lots of love

Saturday, 7 January 2012


Hey Dolls!  Firstly I just want to say a massive thank you to all my lovely followers yous are all FAB. I have read other peoples post ’what’s in my makeup bag’ and loved reading them so I just thought ill show you all what’s in my makeup bag! Lets get started.

I will start with my foundation&powders etc. I use Illmasqua skin base 04. It is such a nice colour not to orange not to pale ! I used to use MAC but since I started using Illmasqua foundation I have definitely fell in love with it! Its amazing. The loose powder is Illmasqua as well, I got this loose powder simply because I thought my skin was looking a bit shiny because of my blusher and adding this loose powder is brilliant! You only need to use a little amount and your done.
On to blusher-
I could not go one day without wearing blusher I find it just finishes your look. The blushers what I use is Illmasqua cream blush & Topshops blusher. Illmasqua blusher is very good only thing I would say is that you have to play around a bit with it to get the perfect look your wanting, It last for ages which is also a really good thing However the Topshop blusher I find its just as good!! To be honest I only bought the Topshop (Flush Colour) one as I didn’t want to spend £20 again on blusher.
                                                                   On to Eye shadows
These MAC eye shadows are from the range Glitter&Ice. The Glitter&Ice range is lovely and I love it. However when I got the first eye shadow it was really good and the colour was also lovely but I then went and got another one and I was very disappointed in it, the only way I could describe it is that its like  I bought a very cheap eye shadow! You had to use so much to even get the colour on your eyes! I only have these two eye shadows in my makeup bag but I do have a lot more.
These mascaras are the two what I would mostly use, I would use the Illmasqua one a lot more than I would the urban decay one. I got the urban decay one free when I bought there anniversary palette! The Illmasqua one is very good if you like long and a bit clumpy, that’s the way I love! The urban decay one is very good for curling your eyelashes.
                                                            Cream eye shadow -
I did use cream eye shadows when I was 13/14 years old but gone off them and I recently read someone’s blog and they were talking about cream eye shadows and I thought I might as well try them again and am absolutely loving them they are so easy to put on and I found one of the colours I got was to dark for my eyes and I just added a cream and gold colour to it and it was lovely! I love the look for a day to day look!
                                                                         A little mix -
My eyeliner is from Illmasqua again, I love Illmasqua too much! The eyeliner I find is good but I don’t use it that often as I have my pot eyeliner! The next pencil is my MAC eyebrow pencil I got it when I first started doing my eyebrows in. its real good. Lastly is my eye liner brush.
                                                                   Lipsticks –
My favourite I would of only wore lipsticks if I was going out somewhere but I have started wearing them everyday and totally love them, I have collected a lot already!! My favourite would have to be
Kate Moss Dark purple                                        Eyebrow cake-
I have Illmasqua eyebrow cake what it is really for your eyes as well!
Benefit brow zings one is very good! That was my first ever eyebrow cake!

My Soap&Glory bright here, Bright now energy balm is good for before you put your makeup on and to mix in with foundation if you are running low or just want to save it. MAC Gliter&Ice lip gloss is lovely on top of lipsticks, that’s what I mostly use it for. Urban dekay eye primer is brilliant for before you put eye shadow on and keeps it on way longer.

In this bag is a mix of other makeup I would tend to use a lot just doesn’t fit into mine!!! Hahaa. Tomuchmakeup
.I got these MAC brushes for Christmas, I do like them and they are good for all I use them but sometimes I would see a free hairs on my face from them. -

I hope yous enjoyed this post i tryed my best to make it as short as i could, ididnt want to make it and me not explaining what i should of..Please let me know what yous think and if yous have any good makeup products i would LOVE to know.

Lots of love x

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My Sale & Not so Sale Buys!

I do love after Christmas when all the items go on sale but I hate crowds and looking through messed up rails! But I did in Topshop. I wasn’t very happy with the sales this year it was all crap! Apart from things I got..

1.Topshop Scarf.
This was £7.00

2.River island purse. I needed a new purse as the cream one I got before Christmas was a tad black ! LOL. Soon as I saw this purse I fell in love.
                                                      This was £17.00

3.Illmasqua Loose powder.
                                                           This was £19.50
4.Topshop Blusher
                                              This was £6.00

5.International pearl bracelets.
                                                 These were £4.99

6.Primark Blue diamond top.
                                                        This was £8.00

7.Primark Plain black vest & Navy Bow Belt
                                               I am not 100% sure how much these cost.

8.Lipsticks, Kate moss & Barry M !
                                     Again am not 100% sure. Dark purple shade and a Nude shade 

9.Topshop Jumper
                                            This was £38 reduced to £10.00 BARGAIN.

Lots of love xox

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Nicky Clarke : Heated Rollers

Hey Gorgus!  Hope your well!

I thought i would write a little post on what i tryed to do today! i hope you enjoy.

I would say it would be a few years now from i got my nicky clarke heated rollers and when i tryed to put them in not long after i got them it was so awkward am not sure why but yeah it was, i thought i would use them since a lot of people use rollers and there hair is lovely..So i thought i would get them out and give them a go! the morning i wasnt long up and i and my cousin nicole was using them, at the minute i have pre bonded hair extensions in so they didnt work that well i think i need bigger ones to be honest, Even though they didnt work as well as they should of it turned out not to bad. If you have rollers always spray hairspray on the rollers when they are in your head just before your about to take them out!
^ With the rollers in.                                                  After they were took out ^

Monday, 2 January 2012

Eyelash Extensions!!

Hey Doll!
              How'y all?
For Christmas Santa Got me an eyelash extension kit, As yous have probably read in my other post! I know some of yous have asked me to do a review on when i get to do them, So here it is dolls!

Tonight My cousin Nicole is staying over at mine! We both like similar things and when she gets to stay whats not very often we like to make the most of it.. We always have girly nights such as do makeup,hair anything whats girly and exciting. Tonight we decided to try out my eeyelash extension kit as so many people have asked me to do a review on it:) We watched the DVD first as when it comes to your eyes you don't want to make a mistake. So we knew what exactly we are doing Its quite simple to do. You start in the middle of your eye with medium ones then go out to the outer eye then back into the inner part of your eye,Always make sure you watch the DVD as the instructions arnt the best. You get black glue with it so its better in case you get glue else where and everyone seeing it the black glue is a really good idea,in my opinion. i think overall the set was well worth the money as we both done are eyelash's and there is still some eyelash's left. In the kit you get a mirror what has little suckers so you can stick it to your own mirror the mirror is zoomed in. I would definitely recommended this kit and it is really easy to do.
You can buy the eyelash kit in shops like Argos etc.. I will post a picture with my makeup done with them.