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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Loreal; Lipstick.

I hope your all well!

Just a quick post on a new lipstick I bought while in Superdrug! If you don’t like very all out there lipsticks then this is the one for you! I never used to wear lipsticks until a few months ago. When I  started wearing them I loved them then I thought the pinks made my teeth look terrible – which they did. I stopped wearing pink lipstick for that reason; don’t get me wrong I love the look of pink lipsticks. When I popped into superdrug I saw this beaut lipstick by L’Oreal-  01 FASHIONSTA PINK.

I tried it on and loved it even though it’s a pink! When you apply it, its like a shimmer pink but you cant notice  it is actually pink! Which I love! Just a natural day to day lipstick. In superdrug it is £7.99.

What’s your favourite natural lipstick ?

Monday, 23 April 2012


Hey Dollies!

I am trying to blog as much as i can so sorry for the lack of posts! I do have a lot planned & also trying a few new items i bought.

I wanted to share with you my DIY studded shorts. I seen shorts in Topshop which were £34.00 which i thought was a little to expensive especially just for plain ones. I was going to purchase them until i had a little look on boohoo, The shorts they have on there are gorg and the price is too!  I  spotted a pair of shorts for £10 or £12 pound. When they arrived i did like them but thought..hmm There a bit to plain? I had a little look on eBay and seen studs what you can put on any clothing..I got them and put some on my shorts! They only cost me a few  pounds. 

I thought if i studded the front pocket and one back pocket it would look nice..I started studding the back pocket and it wasn't as nice doing all the pocket so i just done a strip down each of the pockets.
I must Say it does take patience.

I like the way i did do the pockets and had such a nicer price than topshop. Topshop have dip dyed shorts in at the minute so i think i might try dying a pair of my shorts.

To get this sort of shorts you will need-
Non-sharp knife.

They are very easy to apply all you have to do is push the stud through the shorts or what ever you are studding and then bend the back of the stud when you have pushed it through and that will be it secured. You can also get many different colours in these studs on ebay. This was my very first DIY piece of clothing and i think they look not to bad! When I do wear them i will post OOTD post.

Have you ever done anything to your clothing like this?

Friday, 20 April 2012

Liz Earle

I thought i would write this well over due post! I do apologise for only posting about this product now the reason for me not posting about it sooner is because i like to try products out for a few months before blogging about it!

I received this product a few months back from the lovely Liz&Earle. I had always wanted to try there items out but never got round to actually buying there products so i was very pleased when i received this little beauty! The packaging it came in was lovely, I think when reviving products it is important for nice packaging..It makes you want to buy more of there products. It came with two cloth (wipes) And a little Liz Earle bag. I have been using it to remove my makeup at night time and have really loved it! It has a rich and creamy texture.It is amazing for removing makeup. I find you really do need to buy very good wipes to remove your makeup. I would use the Johnston's blue makeup remover wipes and love them but i think am loving Liz&Earle more! It removes your makeup more less on the first wipe, It even removes mascara Very well..Which would be one of my problems when taking my makeup of. I would definitely recommend this if your looking for a good product to remove makeup.

I love it more because it has Naturally active ingredients include eucalyptus and cocoa butter for smoother, clearer skin. If your worrying on how to use this item probably DONT worry you get a book and instructions with it.

Have you ever tried Liz Earle products?

To Buy This product - Click here


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Easter & OOTD.

Hey guys,

Just a we post to let yous know how my easter has been, It has been amazing. I love easter time as we go to my grandas hoilday carvan and have a easter hunt for the kids and paint eggs! Which is lots of fun seeing my we cousins faces when they find there goodies&Roll there eggs! :) Happy times..

But on saturday i got a phone call to say your meeting JLS before the concert on sunday! i was The happiest girl ever! i have been wanting to meet them for ages! I finally did meet them and they were lovely and  such genuine guys! (Very hot too)  I just coudnt believe i met them. The concert was very good and one of the best concerts ive been too.
:)  As i said i got a new dress while shopping in derry well i wore it to meet my boys and they all commented on it, I got it from yellowmoon, i haad never heard of this shop but i fell in love with all the items in it! They all also commented on my new shoes i got from lipsy. When i was watching there concert all as i could smell was there after shave what they wore! Sounds stupid but it smelt soo good.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I won!

How are y'all doing?

I got some very exciting news! I got into the last 20 finalists of 'Pramerica spirit of community Awards' Some of you are probably thinking what is it? Well its a competition what is massive in America and its far bigger there than here as that's were it all started. The 'Pramerica spirit of community Awards'  is a competition what is held every year through out the all of Ireland and northern Ireland schools, It is a way of saying thank you more less for the work what you do as in helping out at homes, Helping others and doing fund raising for different Charity's..There are many other things you can enter if you offer to do these as a volunteer and basically its an event to say thank you for the work what we do, To help others! And yes i did win! In the juniors group :) There was 20 finalists and  a juniors group as i am only 16. I won the juniors group. Each 20 finalists got 500 euros, The over all winner got 1000 euros for there charity of there choice and a trip to America to see how pramerica is over there!
                                                         I got a medal, 500 euros & a very special crystal.

There was a Lovely evening meal to say what each of us does and to say thank-you again, The meal was lovely and it was such a great night..There was some amazing people there.  I was put into this competition as i am writing a book to help teenagers understand cancer in better and easy form. As i was diagnosed 5 years ago with cancer so i thought writing this book for teenagers to understand easier rather than all of the confusing words the doctors put it into.  I really do hope this will help teenagers.

This was my outfit for the Evening.

                                               This is me with my mum with the medal i got :)

                                                               lots of love xx

Keep an eye out for my shopping trip after this event!