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Friday, 22 June 2012

Update & OOTD

Hey dolls! Some of you have probably wondered why i haven't blogged in a while its simply because Ive just not been feeling myself, I dunno what has been up with me!

 A we quick update on what Ive been up to, I haven't been up to much apart from i went on Holiday to turkey! which i loved it was the best Holiday ever! I met this really sweet guy but things arnt the best with us :( .. Buh hey ho! I am going back on 27th June again for 9 days which am really excited about especially with this terrible rain we have! Also some of you have know or may not know i have been ill for the past 5 years and Ive started writing a book about everything whats happened over the past years and i got put up for an award, I keep my personal life to myself a lot but i thought i would share with yous some pictures from the evening and of course what i wore! Eoghan Quigg & Amelia Lilly were at the awards evening and a few other celebs!

 Dress was from Primark £15.00
 Bracelet was from new look - £4.99

I hope yous enjoyed this post

 If yous would like to see a whats in my suitcase post..leave a little comment. Oh and also if yous would like to see what i bought while on Holiday!

Lots of love x x


  1. Hope your feeling more yourself soon! Congrats on being put up for the award! Stay Smiley :)xxxx

  2. Id love to see a whats in your suitcase post! Theyre my fave! Ive started taking pictures for mine now too :) Hope you feel a bit brighter soon and congrats on the award
    and that dress is BEAUT! X

  3. You look gorgeous hun! Can't believe the dress is from Primark,it looks amazing :D Congrats on your award! xx


  4. You are so gorgeous!
    I love your hair and that dress!

  5. You look gorgeous, I love your dress. xo

  6. Nice*
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    Let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)

    Greetings <3