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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Yeaaarr!!!

Hey Dolls,

Another year has passed me and it was full of downs mainly,Hopefully next year i'll be saying it was full of UPS ! Lets hope. I hope everyone has a fab New year ahead of them and lots of Pretty things:) Hope you all have a brilliant night tonight if yous are going out.Tonight I am sitting in with all my family what a good way to bring in a new year !         

In the New Year,
we wish you the best year you’ve ever had,
and that each New Year
will be better than the last.
May you realize your fondest dreams
and take time to recognize and enjoy
each and every blessing.

Happy New Year,
And many more!
What are you doing for New years Eve?!

Friday, 30 December 2011

Party Time Outfit!

Hey Sweet Peas, How are you all?

This is a little post i thought i would do as it was my cousins 18th Birthday Yesterday (29th Dec), She thought instead of hiring a placed to have a party to just have it in her house as her house is quite big! Her party was mainly for family not her friends..Which i thought was nice as its lovely to be around family and to have catch ups. Am not only doing this post for her birthday, I am also doing it for the outfit what i wore! This will be my first kinda outfit post so if you lovely lot have any tips to make it better feel free to share them with me! :)
This was the birthday girl with her Birthday cake. How pretty is that cake! Well Jel.
My Dress was from Amys collection @ Tescos. I got it on sale,It cost me £17.50 also my tights was from the same place tescos.
My Boots were also on sale and i got them for £12 from Peacocks. BARGAIN.
My Bracelet was £38 from topshop.
This is my Make-up.
Foundation-Illimasqua skin base 04.
Eyeliner-Gosh.Dark Blue.
Eyeshadow-MAC.Glitter&ice Range
Eyebrows-illimasqua. can also be used for eyeshadow.
Lipstick-Barry M. Nude shade.

If you would like to know more detail on my outfit or Make-up comment below.

Hope yous like my post.

Lots of loveee x x x

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Santa Came to My House!!!

Hello Gorgeous,
                           How you all doing?!

This is some of my presents

I Hope everyone had a Fabulous Christmas and got everything they wanted & more.  Here is a little post on some things I got. I got absolutely spoilt and got far more than what I was expecting. I got lots of surprises as well, Which made it even more exciting! Christmas morning I didn’t wake till 9am and I only woke because my Mum woke me! then I got up opened all my presents, My Nannie ( well aunt) came round then I headed off up to my grandas to get his presents and seen the rest of my family, Then came home and got dinner. My Christmas was Brilliant I love spending time with my family and I didn’t even get dressed, I was lazy this year! Btw sorry for not blogging! oops.

So here are some of the things I got for Christmas! Which I love Hope you enjoy.

  1. I’ll start of with the thing I wasn’t expecting! And knew nothing about.      

2. I also didn't know anything about this eye lash extension kit! so another surprise.

 3. The thing i absolutely LoVe and got Loads of.
                      Yous are probably thinking what is that^ It is a huge soap&glory bag and it is
                                       filled with different products from soap&glory, I LOVE it.

4. This is a bracelet that i wanted when i saw it being worn on the wonderful Amy Child's..<3

5. Metalix Foil Nail Kit.Cant wait to use it! It comes with a DVD to show you probably how to use it.

6. Pauls Boutique Perfume set-To put in your handbag choose your perfume then put it in the gold thing! great.

 7. I  got Loads of Perfume!!Tulisas one,Beyonce and lots more! Including this one i got this one in a set!
I Love the design on the bottle :) SHOCK.

8. This is a hair bauble to put round your hair when its up in a ponytail.

9.I got a new urban dekay palette which i love esp the packaging!! :)
                                                         How Stunning are these colours ^

10.THE BIG SURPRISE. Westlife tour ticket i cudnt get a ticket when they went on sale and seen as this is there last tour i really wanted to go!! So was very happy with it.

11.One of my new makeup bags.

12. One of my new bags, I love this bag!

13. My new MAC makeup. && My new brush sett.

14.NEW Illimasqua Makeup.

15. Two cream eye shadows from 17 cosmetics.

16. I got some of the new Coca Cola Range. Its amazing. The taste and smell is lush mine is cherry coke!

17. New Barry M Lipstick. Whats very natural. I think...

18. Last Year i got a set to do Gel nails, So this year Santa got me a better set with more stuff!

                                            If yous are wondering the hand is for me to practise on !!

19. I got this to put all my makeup and nail stuff etc in! what is amazing as it stores loads and easy to wheel about.

20. Lastly i got Money from mum&dad and my family and friends so ill definitely be hitting the sales!
i Hope you enjoyed this post, I know it was a little long but just wanted to share some things i got for Christmas! Hope yous liked it :)

                                                                    Lots of love x.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Chantilly Lane Bears!

Tis the season to be jolly!! Happy Christmas to all my Followers! am Just doing a lil extra post since its xmas EVE!!! Excitingg!! eeek.

My gift was a Teddy bear but it wasn’t just a normal teddy bear what you are probably thinking it was such a different teddy bear what you probably wouldn’t see any were really. The Bear had a lovely Pink hat, Pearl necklace on also it had a pink t-shirt on but the t-shirt said something very nice! It said –
                                                        'Imagination is the highest kite one can fly'
I thought that was lovely until I pressed the button on the teddy bear and it sang-
Keep smiling
 Keep shining
 Knowing u can always count on me
 for sure that's what friends are for, or good times and bad times.

 That is just part of the song but that song meant so much to me as during my illness all my family would say to me keep smiling. Be Strong! So this was just perfect to me. She had to personalize it all her self.  

Margaret ( who got me it) Was in America and she saw these bears and bought Four for her self that’s how much she loves them, She is elderly and hasn’t got any internet, So she wrote to the company in America and explained what all she wanted on the bear and they sent her it so she put a lot of thought into it what even made it better.
                                     I can’t explain how much I love this bear

These bears all started when the Chantilly lane collection began with Ashley, a bear with a red velvet hat who sings an enchanting melody. “The bear with the red hat” captured hearts around the world. When requests for similar items came, PBC answered the call with a collection of singing bears and complimentary treasures that are sure to warm your heart.

Lots of love. x

If you love my bear why not get your family or friends one! They are stunning and if you got a friend or family member one it would be very personalized by yourself! What makes gifts better? You can buy the bears online go on to this site  -, Then it will show you more sites on were to buy them.

The Muppets are Back!!

Hello my fab snow balls!  How are  y’alll?

Sorry for my lack of posts the past few days! I haven’t been in the mood. But heres a little post on what I received from the post man!

I ordered these Fab nail polishes of eBay as everywhere I looked were sold out of them and I think it was clearly because they were the Muppets!! Collection, i am  So happy the Muppets are back about again! Really it was the packaging what drew my attention to them and esp because it was the Muppets! They are amazing. The colours of the nail polishes are nice I thought the red was a stunning colour! The nail polishes cost me around £13.00 I thought it was quite cheap especially for O.P.I nail polishes and because they were from ebay, O.P.I nail polishes stay on for agesJ which I LoVe .

The Muppets also have other nail polishs out what are also O.P.I.

Thanks for Reading!


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas offers

Just a we quick but use full post for you lovely people.
I was in boots today just having a little look and a came across Makeup, i saw Barry M && 17 cosmetics had special offers on.. The Barry M one was only available at Boots,The offers were -

Barry M - Spend £6.00 on Barry M products and receive a free limited edition sparkly nail polish.
Only at boots.

17 Cosmetics - Buy two products from17 cosmetics and receive a little gift set which contains 3 nail polishes!

Hope this post helps with your Christmas shopping!

lots of love.x

Chritmasy Nails

Hey dolls.

I thought because my nails were just a plain simple Purple ( The purple was the one from Barry m, limited edition purple, Its Really good!) I decided that they weren't very christmassy! So i looked through my big bag of nail polishes and came up with a mix of nail polishes, Its simple and VERY easy to do.

I just got a normal red colour and a sparkly red colour i painted all my nails normal red let it try then went over it with the sparkly red nail polish, Also i thought to keep it on through out the Christmas period i just went over it all again with a clear polish.

I thought i would use acetone instead of nail polish remover so it would remove the mistakes quicker. You can buy the acetone in any of your local chemists or any large beauty shops,Also you can buy it in bigger bottles this was just a little one i saw and got it but i also have the large one it costs £5-13.

The No7 nail polish is brilliant! Some Barry M polishes are not so good but this one is amazing and you only need a little of polish.

Very simple,Easy,Christmasy look! Enjoy.


Monday, 19 December 2011

MAC Glitter and Ice

MAC ‘ Holiday Collection’

It’s that time of year again for the MAC holiday collection to be out! This year the collection is called ‘glitter&Ice’ 

Every year there’s new limited edition brush sets out. This years brush sets are stunning am hoping I get one this Christmas! Let’s be serious what girl can live without a MAC Brush set!

The collection is amazing looking. I am hoping that the big man in the red suit will be leaving lots of Mac in my house on Christmas Eve. The looks of the products always draw people closer to getting them, if you really think about it if the packaging was horrible would you even consider buying any of it? No I wouldn’t! Even though it might be the best product out there we still wouldn’t go near it! So the packaging means a lot when you go out looking for new makeup!

In this years range I love the way the eye shadows aren’t just one colour there all different texture to them and the colour what comes out are lush. I actually got one today. I got the white sort of colour eye shadow. I couldn’t resist walking past all those stunning colours. The eye shadow I got today was around £15 pounds,They are a little expensive but there well worth the money.

You can buy all the Mac make-up from- or any debenhams store or House of Fraser.

Mwah x x

Saturday, 17 December 2011

ClaireaBella ! '

If you don't know what a claireabella Bag is you must be living in a shell! Every Girl in the UK knows about them they are so stunning! When i first found out about claireabella bags and the Abella range- Lunchboxes,Hoodies,canvas bag & The amazing Jute Bags, No one knew about them like my family etc.. To be honest i don't think i would of known about them if we didn't have social net working sites.

If yous haven't heard about Claireabella before i will tell you a about Claire < That is the name of the girl who has amazingly came up with the Designs and ideas. She is a hard working mum of Five and does these bags in her spare time! The bags have been around for a while now. Claire puts bags on her website once a week, Some weeks she doesn't have much time so she would put them on the following week, she adds 80 bags per week, which is a lot even though she works as well! Many Celebs use claireabella bags including the TOWIE lot! Which is amazing for just Claire taking up making these bags as a hobby!

Chloe Sims has been papped using her Claireabellla! 

Jessica Wright who also was papped with her claireabella bag..Jessica Wright who is Mark Wrights Sister and has been on The Only Way is Essex!

Blonde ambition: TOWIE newcomer Frankie Essex, carrying her customised ClaireaBella bag, met Collins at the salon
Frankie Essex who is also from The Only Way is EEssex

Perri from The Only Way is Essex also!

Amy child's !! Who uses her claireabella everywhere! am also a Huge fan of Amy!

The Geordie Shore Girls also love the claireabella Bags.

Even Boys have fallen in love with the claireabellas!!

The amazing Russel Kane With his Claireabella.

Claireabella bags are very hard to get as she only adds 80 per week but thankfully she came up with a Claireabella Classic Range which is with Toxic fox and these bags will be added now and again! A huge stock of 500 bags went on sale so everyone who wants a claireabella can get one! Claire trained up artists so they can help her out with only the classic range! The original range is done by Claire and Claire ONLY.Claire sometimes adds LTD ED Bags on her twitter to auction, they are always lovely. I don't think i have seen a LTD ED Claireabella which i haven't liked, they all are gorgeous! They can go up to £120. >

a3uof.jpg                   a3uof.jpg

Here are some Of Claire's other things she has on sale! Which are also Fab, You can buy all of the down below on :)

ClaireaBella Mug - BrideaBella Brunette Hair Brown EyesClaireAbella Mugs - £12.99
Adlut ClaireAbella Hoodies  £34.99
Children ClaireAbella Hoodies £24.99
Adult ClaireAbella T-shirts –  £24.99
ClaireAbella Lunchboxes - £14.99
Large ClaireAbella Jute Bag - £39.99
Medium ClaireAbella Jute Bag - £32.99

This is a Little picture of My Classic Claireabella, What i waited for months to get a Claireabella and ended up getting up at 4am to get one!
ClaireaBella Adult Hoodies - £34.99ClaireaBella Kids Hoodies - £24.99
ClaireaBella Adult Tees - £24.99


How Nice are the Classic Bags? I love the bows and how you can personilse them!!

I really Hope you liked this post ! 

Friday, 16 December 2011

Shopping Day.

Hello You Lovely Lot!

As Its coming up to Christmas everyone is out shopping to get all there presents but i went out to get a few things for myself ! :) ' Just a lil Treat ' Heres Some of the things i got today..

Firstly The skull scarf - a look a like of a ''Alexander Mc Queen'' hahaa Jokes!!

                                                    What you think? From Primark. It was only £3.00
                 The shops are full of leopard print things- I got this beaut skirt for just lazy days.
                                                                  From Primark . £4.00 :)

                                         Another leopard print top, The front of it is a little see through.
                                                                    From Primark £8.00

                                           Pjs From primark - £6.00 I also bought a vest top to go with them!
                                     I abso love this top! It was £22.00 From River island.

Thats all what i got today!:) As you can see mostly Primark as there was nothing else really apart from the River island top! I <3 it.

                                     What Did you think of my new items, Be honest..

Lots of lovve.x.