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Saturday, 17 December 2011

ClaireaBella ! '

If you don't know what a claireabella Bag is you must be living in a shell! Every Girl in the UK knows about them they are so stunning! When i first found out about claireabella bags and the Abella range- Lunchboxes,Hoodies,canvas bag & The amazing Jute Bags, No one knew about them like my family etc.. To be honest i don't think i would of known about them if we didn't have social net working sites.

If yous haven't heard about Claireabella before i will tell you a about Claire < That is the name of the girl who has amazingly came up with the Designs and ideas. She is a hard working mum of Five and does these bags in her spare time! The bags have been around for a while now. Claire puts bags on her website once a week, Some weeks she doesn't have much time so she would put them on the following week, she adds 80 bags per week, which is a lot even though she works as well! Many Celebs use claireabella bags including the TOWIE lot! Which is amazing for just Claire taking up making these bags as a hobby!

Chloe Sims has been papped using her Claireabellla! 

Jessica Wright who also was papped with her claireabella bag..Jessica Wright who is Mark Wrights Sister and has been on The Only Way is Essex!

Blonde ambition: TOWIE newcomer Frankie Essex, carrying her customised ClaireaBella bag, met Collins at the salon
Frankie Essex who is also from The Only Way is EEssex

Perri from The Only Way is Essex also!

Amy child's !! Who uses her claireabella everywhere! am also a Huge fan of Amy!

The Geordie Shore Girls also love the claireabella Bags.

Even Boys have fallen in love with the claireabellas!!

The amazing Russel Kane With his Claireabella.

Claireabella bags are very hard to get as she only adds 80 per week but thankfully she came up with a Claireabella Classic Range which is with Toxic fox and these bags will be added now and again! A huge stock of 500 bags went on sale so everyone who wants a claireabella can get one! Claire trained up artists so they can help her out with only the classic range! The original range is done by Claire and Claire ONLY.Claire sometimes adds LTD ED Bags on her twitter to auction, they are always lovely. I don't think i have seen a LTD ED Claireabella which i haven't liked, they all are gorgeous! They can go up to £120. >

a3uof.jpg                   a3uof.jpg

Here are some Of Claire's other things she has on sale! Which are also Fab, You can buy all of the down below on :)

ClaireaBella Mug - BrideaBella Brunette Hair Brown EyesClaireAbella Mugs - £12.99
Adlut ClaireAbella Hoodies  £34.99
Children ClaireAbella Hoodies £24.99
Adult ClaireAbella T-shirts –  £24.99
ClaireAbella Lunchboxes - £14.99
Large ClaireAbella Jute Bag - £39.99
Medium ClaireAbella Jute Bag - £32.99

This is a Little picture of My Classic Claireabella, What i waited for months to get a Claireabella and ended up getting up at 4am to get one!
ClaireaBella Adult Hoodies - £34.99ClaireaBella Kids Hoodies - £24.99
ClaireaBella Adult Tees - £24.99


How Nice are the Classic Bags? I love the bows and how you can personilse them!!

I really Hope you liked this post ! 


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  2. WOW i didnt know she made them in her spare time :o they are amazing i even saw little mix with them aswell :) they are gorgoeus xx great post xxx