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Thursday, 15 December 2011

My love For Lipsy.

Hello Dolls'

If any of yous knew me yous would know that i absolutely love lipsy! especially there dresses , Some People think that there dresses are a little expensive but i think there Good prices, I new look dress would be £25-30 pounds.. My Mum && Dad tend to spoil me and buy me anything i want! I mean anything. I think its cause am a only child ( apart from my half brother) Am a daddys Girls.. So if my mum says no to something i would ask my daddy and he would say yeah :) Which i lovee <3 Anyway enuff of me chatting! 

I  am going to my cousins Big 18th Birthday Party which is few days after xmas and i needed a Dress ( even though i have loads) But i wouldnt wear a dress twice not in less i was going to be in completly different company, Thats just how i am!  My mum was going on at me for weeks to pick a dress what i want, but i kept thinking its to early to pik a dress for a the party as its after xmas.. But i forgot all about getting one until a few days ago, So i went online to the lipsy website but i couldnt choose which dress i wanted so ended up picking three dressses!                 Here They Are..

                                                              1.  This is Not as nice colour out.

                                                             2.  I absolutely LOVE This one.
                                                             3. Just a little plain one!
Incase your thinking how much these cost Here you go -

1. 'Baby Doll Dress' £65.00
2. 'Sequin Front mesh panel' £80.00
3. 'Cut work Cape Dress' £65.00

                                                                Do you like my choice of Dresses?

Lots of love <3

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