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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Santa Came to My House!!!

Hello Gorgeous,
                           How you all doing?!

This is some of my presents

I Hope everyone had a Fabulous Christmas and got everything they wanted & more.  Here is a little post on some things I got. I got absolutely spoilt and got far more than what I was expecting. I got lots of surprises as well, Which made it even more exciting! Christmas morning I didn’t wake till 9am and I only woke because my Mum woke me! then I got up opened all my presents, My Nannie ( well aunt) came round then I headed off up to my grandas to get his presents and seen the rest of my family, Then came home and got dinner. My Christmas was Brilliant I love spending time with my family and I didn’t even get dressed, I was lazy this year! Btw sorry for not blogging! oops.

So here are some of the things I got for Christmas! Which I love Hope you enjoy.

  1. I’ll start of with the thing I wasn’t expecting! And knew nothing about.      

2. I also didn't know anything about this eye lash extension kit! so another surprise.

 3. The thing i absolutely LoVe and got Loads of.
                      Yous are probably thinking what is that^ It is a huge soap&glory bag and it is
                                       filled with different products from soap&glory, I LOVE it.

4. This is a bracelet that i wanted when i saw it being worn on the wonderful Amy Child's..<3

5. Metalix Foil Nail Kit.Cant wait to use it! It comes with a DVD to show you probably how to use it.

6. Pauls Boutique Perfume set-To put in your handbag choose your perfume then put it in the gold thing! great.

 7. I  got Loads of Perfume!!Tulisas one,Beyonce and lots more! Including this one i got this one in a set!
I Love the design on the bottle :) SHOCK.

8. This is a hair bauble to put round your hair when its up in a ponytail.

9.I got a new urban dekay palette which i love esp the packaging!! :)
                                                         How Stunning are these colours ^

10.THE BIG SURPRISE. Westlife tour ticket i cudnt get a ticket when they went on sale and seen as this is there last tour i really wanted to go!! So was very happy with it.

11.One of my new makeup bags.

12. One of my new bags, I love this bag!

13. My new MAC makeup. && My new brush sett.

14.NEW Illimasqua Makeup.

15. Two cream eye shadows from 17 cosmetics.

16. I got some of the new Coca Cola Range. Its amazing. The taste and smell is lush mine is cherry coke!

17. New Barry M Lipstick. Whats very natural. I think...

18. Last Year i got a set to do Gel nails, So this year Santa got me a better set with more stuff!

                                            If yous are wondering the hand is for me to practise on !!

19. I got this to put all my makeup and nail stuff etc in! what is amazing as it stores loads and easy to wheel about.

20. Lastly i got Money from mum&dad and my family and friends so ill definitely be hitting the sales!
i Hope you enjoyed this post, I know it was a little long but just wanted to share some things i got for Christmas! Hope yous liked it :)

                                                                    Lots of love x.


  1. i got that camera for crimbo honey!! :D and the soap and glory goodies AND the same vanity make-up storage case. LOVE IT. we must be super similar :D xxxxx

  2. You got loads, i need to get a train case!
    Lucy x

  3. Hey :-) Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog.
    You had some fab presents, love the eyelash kit and Urban Decay palette.

    Holli x

  4. i got the same soap and glory set and a westlife ticket! i cant wait to go!!
    glad you had a lovely christmas :)
    following you.
    laur x

  5. looks like you got lots of lovely stuff =] the eyelash extension kit looks amazing been wanting one for ages! you will have to post some pics once you have tried it!

    Tanesha x

  6. Thanks girls! #Those comments mean alot!

    will follow you now if am not already following!

    kissies, mwah x

  7. I cant wait till the Urban Decay Naked2 comes out this month! Great post:)

  8. You got so many amazing things, love this post :)

    Xoxo, Christine♥

  9. Hey gurl, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :) you got some amazing presents! I love these posts

  10. Woooow! I am so jealous of your gifts! x3 I only received cupcakes for christmas, but they were adorable so I was just as happy with em! x3
    So congrats with all your nice gifts! I hope you appreciate how lucky you are! :D

    Hey if you have some time, would you mind checking out my blog and maybe consider following me back? I'd love you forever if you did! <3

  11. i loveeee illamasqua and ck one shock! great presents xxx

  12. OMGG ive wanted that urban decay palette for aaagesss! is it any good? Ive always put myself off it because i tend to wear more neautral colours on my eyes but they look so pigmented and fun for a night out.. xx