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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Chantilly Lane Bears!

Tis the season to be jolly!! Happy Christmas to all my Followers! am Just doing a lil extra post since its xmas EVE!!! Excitingg!! eeek.

My gift was a Teddy bear but it wasn’t just a normal teddy bear what you are probably thinking it was such a different teddy bear what you probably wouldn’t see any were really. The Bear had a lovely Pink hat, Pearl necklace on also it had a pink t-shirt on but the t-shirt said something very nice! It said –
                                                        'Imagination is the highest kite one can fly'
I thought that was lovely until I pressed the button on the teddy bear and it sang-
Keep smiling
 Keep shining
 Knowing u can always count on me
 for sure that's what friends are for, or good times and bad times.

 That is just part of the song but that song meant so much to me as during my illness all my family would say to me keep smiling. Be Strong! So this was just perfect to me. She had to personalize it all her self.  

Margaret ( who got me it) Was in America and she saw these bears and bought Four for her self that’s how much she loves them, She is elderly and hasn’t got any internet, So she wrote to the company in America and explained what all she wanted on the bear and they sent her it so she put a lot of thought into it what even made it better.
                                     I can’t explain how much I love this bear

These bears all started when the Chantilly lane collection began with Ashley, a bear with a red velvet hat who sings an enchanting melody. “The bear with the red hat” captured hearts around the world. When requests for similar items came, PBC answered the call with a collection of singing bears and complimentary treasures that are sure to warm your heart.

Lots of love. x

If you love my bear why not get your family or friends one! They are stunning and if you got a friend or family member one it would be very personalized by yourself! What makes gifts better? You can buy the bears online go on to this site  -, Then it will show you more sites on were to buy them.

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