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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas Glitter Nails.

I cant stand not having my nails done! so i have just took of acrylic nails and haven't had the time to do them so today i am just having a chill out day and i thought ill do my nails! I love sparkles so i thought i will do my nails with the GOSH glitter nail pot. If your thinking of getting it, It goes everywhere its very easy to use, i would definitely BUY it, i think its five pounds or something like that, when i first saw the price of it i couldn't believe it but its good so worth a try girls!. Its very easy to put on and it stays on.. Always make sure you put clear nail polish under neath it i used 'Nails inc' clear nail polish and make sure you put it  on top of it and it will stay on for a while:) You can get lots of different colours of the glitter pots eg,Purple. I only have the Gold at the minute, but 'santa' is bringing more of them !

Mwah x x

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