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Friday, 30 December 2011

Party Time Outfit!

Hey Sweet Peas, How are you all?

This is a little post i thought i would do as it was my cousins 18th Birthday Yesterday (29th Dec), She thought instead of hiring a placed to have a party to just have it in her house as her house is quite big! Her party was mainly for family not her friends..Which i thought was nice as its lovely to be around family and to have catch ups. Am not only doing this post for her birthday, I am also doing it for the outfit what i wore! This will be my first kinda outfit post so if you lovely lot have any tips to make it better feel free to share them with me! :)
This was the birthday girl with her Birthday cake. How pretty is that cake! Well Jel.
My Dress was from Amys collection @ Tescos. I got it on sale,It cost me £17.50 also my tights was from the same place tescos.
My Boots were also on sale and i got them for £12 from Peacocks. BARGAIN.
My Bracelet was £38 from topshop.
This is my Make-up.
Foundation-Illimasqua skin base 04.
Eyeliner-Gosh.Dark Blue.
Eyeshadow-MAC.Glitter&ice Range
Eyebrows-illimasqua. can also be used for eyeshadow.
Lipstick-Barry M. Nude shade.

If you would like to know more detail on my outfit or Make-up comment below.

Hope yous like my post.

Lots of loveee x x x


  1. I love your dress that is really cute! You look really nice :) Hope your cousin had a good 18th! xx

  2. I love the dress, its gorgeous! You look great.
    Lucy xx

  3. Hey thanks for the comment! Hope you had a great new years :) Cant see you in my follower list though but Im deffo following back.. x Take Care!