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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Super sweet 16th :)

Hey Dolls. I thought i would share with you what my birthday was like and why i done it..I thought i would raise some money for Northern Ireland Children's Cancer Fund so i decided to make my birthday party into a fundraising night as well as my birthday..Lots of very kind people donated some very good prizes. We had a night at the races && Ballets to raise money. The night turned out such an amazing night and also for such a great Cause! My school done a "Were something colourful daay" to raise money and my uncle done a scooter run and they raised a lot of money. My cuzin nathan is a linfield player so he got a signed football done to auction! Which was fab. We havnt yet got a final total but i will let yous all know what we raised!!

The theme of my party is old fashion sweets and sweets what is still in the shops now..We had lots of cupcakes and a photograper there. Over all the night was such a fantastic night&I really enjoyed myself.
We Also had huge lolly pops which were more than 6ft but i didnt take a picture :(
I will post about my outfit in a different post so theres not so much in one post!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Liz Earle

I hope everyone is well & had a lovely valentines day! I got some mini eggs and Thorntons mini cupcakes :)

Sorry for this post being late but i have been busy shopping..So many posts to come!

I never used to look after my skin or even take my makeup of at night until 3-4 years ago..When i think back at it now i cant beilve i never used to,now when i go to bed with any makeup on i feel so dirty! When i do i always get up and take it of! Now ive relised that we really do need to look after our skin. I recived this beauty in the post -

I have never tried any of there products but when i used this i was very impressed with how good it took of my makeup *Including Mascara* It left my skin feeling lovely and soft. I would definitly recommand this product to someone. I cant wait to try some more of there products.

 Personally I would give this product a 8/10.
You can buy Liz Earle Products at - Link 

Lots of love x

Keep a look out for what beauty products i bought this week.

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Hey everyone!
Firstly i want to say I am so sorry for not doing many beauty posts (make-up), I love showing you guys what all i get when i go shopping,So please so let me know what yous prefer?! 

Heres just what i picked up when i poped into my local boots store!
Barry M Pastel colour nail polish - I haven't used them yet though.
Soap & Glory Hand sanitiser- It smells so good!
John Fredia Hair treatment-I used it and it was the best one Ive tried my hair had volume and in excellent condition
(I left it in for 15 minutes) 
Vo5 Smooth does it - It really does what it says on the tube !
Cheryl Cole lipstick - It is a lovely shade of red, In my opinion,It isn't the best for staying on all day.

Here's the Cheryl Cole lipstick on me -
With and without lipgloss,Personally i love it with lipgloss.
The lipgloss is MAC.

I hope you enjoy this post, I feel that yous arnt enjoying them as much..But please do let me know :)

Lots of love x x

I love hearing from yous. If theres anything yous dislike or anything yous know to make this a better blog.
Do email me or comment! love hearing from yous.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Got your perfect outfits?

Hope everyone is haveing a good thursday (As am not) :( ...
           Valentines day is coming soon, so heres some things what might help you along your planning & clothing!

Below is just a little plain but dressy outfit!
If you have a Boyfriend/Husband..Maybe he'll treat you to some of these gifts or
 Maybe you could treat yourself!
                                              Personally i love everything about this outfit below..<3

I put all these outfits together myself.

I hope this helps you with Valentines Day!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I cant live without shopping..

How y'all doing? I am just chilling in front of my lovely warm fire, and thought to take some pictures of my new items..and show you! I have got a huge amount well for only one week worth of shopping! I personally think it is, I am going to save some for separate posts so this one is going to be to long & to go into more detail in the items to come.

 Both these tops are good fit & look much more expensive than they were.

I have been wanting new trainers from i started the gym but didn't want to pay to much for a pair in case i didn't stick to the gym,but i seem to be going every week! whoop. When i spotted these little pair i was well chuffed. Couldn't be bad for £7.00!

These are just we things i picked up & wanted to try! I haven't yet tried the lip tattoos but i tend to this week so look out for that post! I think the 'Filly' Phone cover was cute..Some of you may think its a little childish and mind you i wouldn't of gone for something like this but when i saw it i wanted it plus couldn't be bad for a pound!

Have you tryed lip tattos?

lots of love x x x

Monday, 6 February 2012


I just wanted to share with you what i received in the post the morning:)

I absolutely LOVE them, words cant describe how Pleased i was when my mum woke me and give me them! There so sparkly:) You guys should check Jinkksy jewellery out! Yous will love it. These earrings are also worn by celebs such as Jessica wright & Nicola McLean.
All Jinkksy items are handmade,Jinkksy is not only a women's jewellery..There is mens and children jewellery available also! :)

Have you ever bought from Jinkksy?

lots of love x x x

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Nails & Pugs

Hey Dolls!

I am trying to post as much as i can for you:)  *Excitment*!! I was at someones house looking at Pugs..I have wanted one for so long but my mum said no but now shes letting me but there so expensive & hard to getwhere i live. The one we went to see today was cute! Heres a picture of the Mummy as well:)  
                                                          How cute are them both?
     I should of done this in a seperate post.. but hey ho! My makeup is a mess in the picture LOL.

I was bored so i done my nails:) they needed a different colour on them! I love getting my nails done esp false ones, I find it makes you feel more girly with long nails! Heres mine...

The Items above are the things i used to do them!

What do you think of them?

                                                           Lots of love x x x x x

Friday, 3 February 2012

Lauren Goodger

Hey Dollys:)

I thought i would post this to get your opinions, I think its nice but then i look and think hmm that looks a little weird.. I typed this outfit into google and it was saying stuff like terrible outfit, but i am not sure? maybe its just cause its Lauren Goodger wearing it?

Please leave your opinions on this outfit? Dont be afraid to say what you think guys!

Lots of love xxxx

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Free Soap && Glory Mascara!!

Hello My Cupcakes!
 I am just doing a little quick post tonight,as am only home from formal dress shopping! and... I got one i like! whoohoo! when i first went to her house as she works from her house she had millions of dresses but i tried a few on and thought am not getting one here..but i was so glad i did! Before we went to look at  formal dresses we went to a few shops and i spotted Ellie Magazine doing a FULL size soap&glory Mascara! I got the last one of it! I was SO happy i found the magazine as i checked the first shop and they didn't have it! I haven't tried it yet but when i do i will do a post on it! Couldn't be bad to that £3.90 the magazine costs!


Lots of love x x x

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I hope all of my beautiful followers are doing good. I really do love reading all of your comments & i do try my best to reply Asap. :)

This post today is just what makeup am wearing and to let yous see what i wore:) I am not the best at makeup,but i do try! Hope yous enjoy this post && it helps you or gives yous tips.

This was me when i went out for dinner with my Granda,Auntie and my Mum. My outfit is from:
Vest-Primark. Even though you cant see it well.
Shiny Jeans/leggings- Exhibit.
High wedge boots.Again i know you cant see them.-Peacocks.
This was my makeup. Its not the best though :( I used:

Foundation-Illimasqua skin base- 04
Powder- Illimasqua loose powder.
 Blusher -Topshop Flush
Eyebrows- Illimasqua eyebrow cake..
Eyeliner-MAC black fluid line.
Eyeshadow- Urban Dekay,Midnight 15&Vanilla-Anniversary Palette.
Mascara-Illimasqua Raven.
Lips-MAC Glitter&ice Range.

What do you guys think?

MWAH xxxx