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Monday, 6 February 2012


I just wanted to share with you what i received in the post the morning:)

I absolutely LOVE them, words cant describe how Pleased i was when my mum woke me and give me them! There so sparkly:) You guys should check Jinkksy jewellery out! Yous will love it. These earrings are also worn by celebs such as Jessica wright & Nicola McLean.
All Jinkksy items are handmade,Jinkksy is not only a women's jewellery..There is mens and children jewellery available also! :)

Have you ever bought from Jinkksy?

lots of love x x x


  1. I haven't bought from them but I need to check their website x

  2. hi, nice blog, I love those earrings, defo have to check them out.

    Check out my blog, maybe we could follow each other? :-)

  3. They are gorgeous!
    I have wanted soemthing fron Jinkksy for a long time, cant wait to get a job and buy some :) especially those earings xx