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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I cant live without shopping..

How y'all doing? I am just chilling in front of my lovely warm fire, and thought to take some pictures of my new items..and show you! I have got a huge amount well for only one week worth of shopping! I personally think it is, I am going to save some for separate posts so this one is going to be to long & to go into more detail in the items to come.

 Both these tops are good fit & look much more expensive than they were.

I have been wanting new trainers from i started the gym but didn't want to pay to much for a pair in case i didn't stick to the gym,but i seem to be going every week! whoop. When i spotted these little pair i was well chuffed. Couldn't be bad for £7.00!

These are just we things i picked up & wanted to try! I haven't yet tried the lip tattoos but i tend to this week so look out for that post! I think the 'Filly' Phone cover was cute..Some of you may think its a little childish and mind you i wouldn't of gone for something like this but when i saw it i wanted it plus couldn't be bad for a pound!

Have you tryed lip tattos?

lots of love x x x

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