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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Free Soap && Glory Mascara!!

Hello My Cupcakes!
 I am just doing a little quick post tonight,as am only home from formal dress shopping! and... I got one i like! whoohoo! when i first went to her house as she works from her house she had millions of dresses but i tried a few on and thought am not getting one here..but i was so glad i did! Before we went to look at  formal dresses we went to a few shops and i spotted Ellie Magazine doing a FULL size soap&glory Mascara! I got the last one of it! I was SO happy i found the magazine as i checked the first shop and they didn't have it! I haven't tried it yet but when i do i will do a post on it! Couldn't be bad to that £3.90 the magazine costs!


Lots of love x x x

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  1. I bought this issue today :) Its got some great articles inside, I'm yet to try the mascara but I will be posting about it tomorrow!