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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Super sweet 16th :)

Hey Dolls. I thought i would share with you what my birthday was like and why i done it..I thought i would raise some money for Northern Ireland Children's Cancer Fund so i decided to make my birthday party into a fundraising night as well as my birthday..Lots of very kind people donated some very good prizes. We had a night at the races && Ballets to raise money. The night turned out such an amazing night and also for such a great Cause! My school done a "Were something colourful daay" to raise money and my uncle done a scooter run and they raised a lot of money. My cuzin nathan is a linfield player so he got a signed football done to auction! Which was fab. We havnt yet got a final total but i will let yous all know what we raised!!

The theme of my party is old fashion sweets and sweets what is still in the shops now..We had lots of cupcakes and a photograper there. Over all the night was such a fantastic night&I really enjoyed myself.
We Also had huge lolly pops which were more than 6ft but i didnt take a picture :(
I will post about my outfit in a different post so theres not so much in one post!


  1. awhh that's such a sweet (get it?) idea for you birthday! It looks loads of fun, and those cupcakes with the flying saucers on top look delicious! :)xox

  2. I love that you turned it into a fundraiser, well done darling :D looking forward to seeing what you were wearing x