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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dresses-I wore!!

Hey Dolls! I though i would post what i wore to my 16thy Birthday & My formal. I waited until my formal was over until i showed you what i wore for my birthday, I hope yous like the dresses:) I am in blue at my formal and my birthday i am in the puffy dress:)!

Some of yous have probably read my post on what to wear for my birthday, I did put the dress i am wearing and yes it was the expensive one! My mum&dad said yes to me getting it! £325 pound in one book i had a look at but i got it for £270. I wear Jinkksy earrings. Priceless shoes and Debenhams ring. Heres a close up of my ring to match my diamond butterfly on my dress!


  1. Your dresses are stunning!
    I remember you posting the puffball one! I love it! I wish i had it in my life..haha. Looks beautful on you :) Hope you had a lovely birthdya xx

  2. I love your birthday dress its amazing!! you look stunning hope you had a great birthday xx

  3. Beautiful dress, you looked lovely.

    Holli x