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Saturday, 10 March 2012



I hope everyone is well..I thought i would share with you what i have got up to :) I was going to the wanted concert on Thursday night-Which was amazing!!  and I thought to myself i might as well go see if MAC could fit me in to do my makeup and thankfully they good! I was very pleased that they wernt to busy. I was a big fan of MAC until my foundation started going to orange but now i think am back to being addicted to it.. Good thing or not?

The girl who was doing my makeup-  Her makeup was gorg! I was well jel ;) But anyhow she do do a good job of mine. I didn't tell her what i wanted she just done it and i loved it.. Previously i got my makeup done in illimasqua for my formal whats in my previous post, I think am going to have to say MAC one was better... I couldn't not buy myself a cheeky little purchase while there so i bought the blusher she used and had on.
                                       I hope you all have a lovely Saturday!

              I am heading to a charity night  so outfit post to follow tomorrow.

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