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Monday, 5 December 2011

Its a ' Bellarchie Bracelet ' :)

Hey Guys, Sorry i haven't been blogging as much as I've planned too.. I've been SO busy and haven't been feeling to good but hopefully i will be doing a lot more blogs VERY soon for yous!

I am sure yous all have heard of Jinkksy Jewellery well i had been wanting a 'Jinkksy'  Bracelet as i saw them on some CELEBS- Amy Child's. They are the most Gorg Jewellery out there at the minute but not the nicest of priced bracelets out there at the minute! But a girl always loves a piece of sparkly jewellery no matter what the price! I was just having a look and was planning in getting a 'Jinkksy' but then i discovered a make of Handmade Jewellery and it was called 'Bellarchie' so i had a little look on there Website and the prices on there were a lot nicer than the ones on the 'Jinkksy Website' So i saw a bracelet very similar to the one i saw on Jinkksy for only £10-12 i think it was just, compared to Jinkksy ones ! They are near £30-70 pounds. So i was all chuffed about the BARGAIN what i got!!

This is a Picture of My Lovely Bracelet!

And If yous would like To get a BELLARCHIE Bracelet - 

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