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Friday, 16 December 2011

Shopping Day.

Hello You Lovely Lot!

As Its coming up to Christmas everyone is out shopping to get all there presents but i went out to get a few things for myself ! :) ' Just a lil Treat ' Heres Some of the things i got today..

Firstly The skull scarf - a look a like of a ''Alexander Mc Queen'' hahaa Jokes!!

                                                    What you think? From Primark. It was only £3.00
                 The shops are full of leopard print things- I got this beaut skirt for just lazy days.
                                                                  From Primark . £4.00 :)

                                         Another leopard print top, The front of it is a little see through.
                                                                    From Primark £8.00

                                           Pjs From primark - £6.00 I also bought a vest top to go with them!
                                     I abso love this top! It was £22.00 From River island.

Thats all what i got today!:) As you can see mostly Primark as there was nothing else really apart from the River island top! I <3 it.

                                     What Did you think of my new items, Be honest..

Lots of lovve.x.

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  1. Hey you commented on my beauty box post but i thought id send the reply here too

    Yes they are great value for money, I worked out this boxes items were around £50 worth. Alone the Nail Polish was worth £16 and the box only cost £12.95, therefore paid for that item alone. They do have off months were items aren't all as perfect as this months but always way above the value you pay. I have another one due this months which I will post about prob next week so keep a look out for that one too xxx

    btw I am now following and your blog is great :) cant wait to read more xxx