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Monday, 23 April 2012


Hey Dollies!

I am trying to blog as much as i can so sorry for the lack of posts! I do have a lot planned & also trying a few new items i bought.

I wanted to share with you my DIY studded shorts. I seen shorts in Topshop which were £34.00 which i thought was a little to expensive especially just for plain ones. I was going to purchase them until i had a little look on boohoo, The shorts they have on there are gorg and the price is too!  I  spotted a pair of shorts for £10 or £12 pound. When they arrived i did like them but thought..hmm There a bit to plain? I had a little look on eBay and seen studs what you can put on any clothing..I got them and put some on my shorts! They only cost me a few  pounds. 

I thought if i studded the front pocket and one back pocket it would look nice..I started studding the back pocket and it wasn't as nice doing all the pocket so i just done a strip down each of the pockets.
I must Say it does take patience.

I like the way i did do the pockets and had such a nicer price than topshop. Topshop have dip dyed shorts in at the minute so i think i might try dying a pair of my shorts.

To get this sort of shorts you will need-
Non-sharp knife.

They are very easy to apply all you have to do is push the stud through the shorts or what ever you are studding and then bend the back of the stud when you have pushed it through and that will be it secured. You can also get many different colours in these studs on ebay. This was my very first DIY piece of clothing and i think they look not to bad! When I do wear them i will post OOTD post.

Have you ever done anything to your clothing like this?


  1. Oh I really love this xxx
    I havent done anything like this with my clothes - think I need to get a bit more creative. You have a lovely blog xx
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  2. This looks stunning, so creative :)! xx

  3. They are amazing, I keep meaning to do this xx

  4. Great idea, these look great! I love customized clothes, gives them a while new lease of life :D


  5. Amazing blog, Absolutely love it! x

    please visit and follow! x

  6. Beautiful blog with so many inspiring ideas! Great work:) Would you like to follow each other?

  7. Always wanted to give studding a go! but not brave enough! might go have a look on Ebay now!! :)