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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I won!

How are y'all doing?

I got some very exciting news! I got into the last 20 finalists of 'Pramerica spirit of community Awards' Some of you are probably thinking what is it? Well its a competition what is massive in America and its far bigger there than here as that's were it all started. The 'Pramerica spirit of community Awards'  is a competition what is held every year through out the all of Ireland and northern Ireland schools, It is a way of saying thank you more less for the work what you do as in helping out at homes, Helping others and doing fund raising for different Charity's..There are many other things you can enter if you offer to do these as a volunteer and basically its an event to say thank you for the work what we do, To help others! And yes i did win! In the juniors group :) There was 20 finalists and  a juniors group as i am only 16. I won the juniors group. Each 20 finalists got 500 euros, The over all winner got 1000 euros for there charity of there choice and a trip to America to see how pramerica is over there!
                                                         I got a medal, 500 euros & a very special crystal.

There was a Lovely evening meal to say what each of us does and to say thank-you again, The meal was lovely and it was such a great night..There was some amazing people there.  I was put into this competition as i am writing a book to help teenagers understand cancer in better and easy form. As i was diagnosed 5 years ago with cancer so i thought writing this book for teenagers to understand easier rather than all of the confusing words the doctors put it into.  I really do hope this will help teenagers.

This was my outfit for the Evening.

                                               This is me with my mum with the medal i got :)

                                                               lots of love xx

Keep an eye out for my shopping trip after this event! 


  1. congratulations! i hope you have a great time in America x

  2. Hey!
    found you via my good friend Sophia!
    Great blog, followed for sure! - Hope you will check mine!

  3. Well done, this sounds fab xxx

  4. Congrats darling. You looked gorgeous in your dress aswell :D