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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

24hour maybelline

I hope you all doing well!

I just thought i should share with you a product what has been talked about a lot with all us bloggers!
There is so much hype about this item i couldnt resist buying it! I was never a big fan of Maybelline before so i didn't really know what to expect from this product. I used it yesterday (sorry for the quality of these pics)
And to be honest i wasn't sure what i thought of it. firstly you had to put a lot on to even get the colour on your eyes,It states in the description of this item - 'Popping colour that glides on'.It didn't go too well as it was like out of date eyeshadow! Thats the best i can describe it ha ha. I was pleased with this item and to be honest most of the new items  whats coming out are not to good! I would recommend the 17 cosmetics cream eyeshadow before this one. It is called 24hr obviously its meant to stay on longer than any other eyeshadow but sadly it didn't.

If you want to try it for yourself you can buy it - here 


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  3. I've heard a lot of this eyeshadow I might have to try it out :-)

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  5. I've been hearing a lot about this product recently, I am keen to try it! x

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