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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Amy Childs

Heello to all my lovely followersss!!

I thought i would share with you a very exciting thing i spotted in a magazine which is sold all around the worldd...

Yes, It is ME in the NEW magazine! i didn't want to go on and on about me meeting Amy child's as i just didn't really think yous would want to know but now am like course yous would! (Some of yous may already know as its on my twitter) if one of the bloggers i follow met her i would be very interested and excited for them! I met Amy a few weeks ago at her salon. I travelled to london on the thursday went to our hotel 'The Hilton' Then on the friday morning a very beautiful pink limo picked me up and of we went to ESSEXXX. I met Amy her lovely self and her very lovely workers, Her salon is out of this world if i lived closer believe me i would never be out of it! it does evrything you could imagine! I had an amazing time with Amy she give me a make-over and give me lots of her products&more. People often say that famous people change when they do become famous! One thing i will say Amy is not at all like that she is just like any other young girl living the dream ! While i was in Essex i popped into Minnie's boutique and Lucy's! what fab shops they are!
I am really pleased that Amy has got so far and done so well!

My twitter is- BeautyGeek_


  1. Awww im so JEL :P would love to visit her salon x x

  2. She comes across so lovely on tv - cant believe you got a mention in the magazine :) hope you had a great time..very jel ;) x

  3. WOW You lucky girl! She seems like such a lovely ambitious but grounded girl. Great getting a shout out!x


  4. How cool, sounded like a fun day! My brother lives in Brentwood, I think he sees them around quite a bit!

  5. Wow So Jel You Got To Meet Amy, She Seems So Lovely!