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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hello dolly!! How are you all?!

I apologise for not posting as much as i should be! I have just been so busy lately with planning for my birthday party, Honestly there is just so much things to do and organise for it! i am so excited about it! I really hope it turns out as good as we are planning it to! Also all the money is going to children's cancer:)

I recently saw this little colour bug in a video and when i saw it and how good it looked i had to cave in and buy one! am such a sucker for things like this,But hey ho. :) Anything what people say is good and it looks good i have to have it! so yes i did buy it and i got the Pink one, OMW it is amazing! I done all the ends of my hair and the amount whats still left would do loads of peoples hair, I was so surprised by how much was left!

Where the K in the pink colour bug is its like powder, I think its mainly for doing the ends of your hair but i think it could do all it if you used it all you have to do is take the clear packaging cover and rub it into your hair then make sure all your colour is moisturised into your hair! I personally love it! I am now thinking on getting it dyed permanent pink colour! What do you think should i dye it pink? Also after you put it into your hair i would keep a towel around you so it doesn't go on your clothes

Excuse my bad roots,Very white face! awful pic.
You can buy these colour bugs from amazon, That's were i bought mine. 

Lots of love x


  1. I think these sound like amazing little things, especially for convenience & quickness. Plus cute packaging!


  2. i didnt know you could get these from amazon!! Thought you could only get them in salons and ive wanted one for soooo long and never found one..
    it looks lovely on your blonde hair :) xx

    1. awa deffo buy yourself one,they are fab:) My opinion tho:) xx

  3. Hey Hun!
    I've awarded you the Cute Blog Award over on my blog! :)
    Love your blog! Keep it up! :) ♥

    1. awk hun thats soo nice:) always cheers me up when i get things like awards for my blog!! so THANKU.

      also same to you hun xxx

  4. hello. :) i found your blog on Bethanys (above me) blog :). checked out your blog and its super cute:). She awarded the cute blog award too :)
    you have a new follower ;)

    1. Heey! awh thankyou..I will follow you next am on sweetie, Thanks so much tho for following,means a lot.


  5. I have one of these! randomly picked up in town when I saw it in the window of a hair salon & LOVE IT! the looks so fun & exciting, and I like it when it fades a little too. I'm tempted for permanent pink dip dye for the summer too!

    Gorgeous blog, come stop by Wonderland soon :) am happy to be your newest follower!