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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Nicky Clarke : Heated Rollers

Hey Gorgus!  Hope your well!

I thought i would write a little post on what i tryed to do today! i hope you enjoy.

I would say it would be a few years now from i got my nicky clarke heated rollers and when i tryed to put them in not long after i got them it was so awkward am not sure why but yeah it was, i thought i would use them since a lot of people use rollers and there hair is lovely..So i thought i would get them out and give them a go! the morning i wasnt long up and i and my cousin nicole was using them, at the minute i have pre bonded hair extensions in so they didnt work that well i think i need bigger ones to be honest, Even though they didnt work as well as they should of it turned out not to bad. If you have rollers always spray hairspray on the rollers when they are in your head just before your about to take them out!
^ With the rollers in.                                                  After they were took out ^


  1. Hey, thanks for the lovely comment babe! I haven't tried my hot rollers since I got my microbead extensions in last Feb, will have to give it a go. My lipstick is MAC Up The Amp with magenta lip pencil under it. Love it, it stayed on the whole night. Now following your lovely blog x

  2. Ah your hair looks gorgeous! Might dig out my old heated rollers which I got about 3 years ago and am yet to use! xxx

  3. absolutely love your blog girlie!!

    keep up the fantastic posts!!

    now following you <3 follow back?

  4. I NEED THESE! Ah your hair looks so nice!

    Laura x

  5. mia- thanks mia for that lovely comment!

    laura- you deffo should, i only digged mine out too! LOL.

    JASMINE - Thankyou! and yes i will follow it sweetie. when i have free time.

    Thanks to you all, love them comments.

    x x xx x

  6. thanks for youre comments on my blog! :D Now following you back.. just having a cheeky read through your posts and yess we must be similar.. ive already spotted a few things i want to nab off you.. haha

    and your hair looks funny im sat in my rollers right this minute :) xx