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Sunday, 8 January 2012

I need advice !!!!!!!!! :)

Hello Dolls, 
              Hope yous all had a lovely Sunday !
Today i am needing some advice on Two things! The two things are setting spray to make my make-up last longer during the day and concealer!!!  I haven't never used concealer but i just feel like i want to weird eh?! So if yous have some names of good Concealers please please let me know..Also for the makeup setting spray i have seen a few but i want to know whats the best before i go buying rubbish but expensive ones. I know i said two things but i think i'll slip another.. Whats your favourate Colour of lipstickkk????

Little short post today but look out for some good post.

Please Please Please.

                       Thank-you. Looking forward to hearing all the great advice. Yay

Lots of love


  1. maybelline does the best concealer and the best lipstick si collection 2000 in vintage rose!
    laur x

  2. I am using l'oreal magic concealer. It's really MAGIC. Makes my dark rings and such disappear instantly!

    And also for setting the make up, just close your eyes, hold your breath and use hairspray! XD

    It works very well and is way cheaper!

    I always do that and it makes my make last for ages!

    Drop me a visit at
    and I'll love you forever! <3

  3. Best concealer i have EVER used without a doubt is the collection 2000 lasting perfection . stays all day and covers my dark circles instantly on early mornings.

    And my favourite lipstick at the moment is Mac's Saint Germain..although i like Rimmels pink Blush.. i love nude-y pinks :) xx

  4. Urban Decay's "All Nighter" makeup setting spray is amazing! I used it at the beach last Spring can buy a very tiny bottle to try out first I think.

    Fav lipstick at the moment is "Angel" by's a gorgeous pink!!

  5. I bought Collection 2000's concealer a few years ago as I was the horrid combination of spotty & skint - & couldn't afford much more...

    Its that good I haven't bought another brand since!

    Cant help with the make up spray unfortunately, instead I'm one of those girls who clutters the ladies all night reapplying my make up! :)

    Jen X

  6. i love clinique's anti-blemish concealer! cuz i have acne-prone skin!

  7. I have recently just decided to start using a concealer. I've started off cheap with Collection 2000's Illuminating Touch. I find it a little drying though so am still on the hunt!

    My favourite colour of lipstick is a soft baby pink.

    Holli x

  8. Definitely collection 2000 16 hour lasting concealer.
    Its amazing, you will not regret buy it
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  9. the best concealer i've ever used is the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection. It has amazing coverage (:
    my favourite lipstick colours are red, coral and bright pink xxx

  10. Thanks everyone great advice peps!



  11. You should try a primer underneath your makeup to make it last longer, I use Smashbox but there are cheaper ones out there too.. As a makeup artist I would NEVER recommend spraying hairspray on your face!:) Would love it if you followed my blog bk xxx

  12. I've used bobbi brown and it isn't anything spcial, neither is MAC. I've heard amazing things about the Collection 2000 so i'd go with that. Super cheap too. I LOVE Topshop Lipsticks if you wants something relatively cheap. Rio Rio is an amazing bright red! Also, I awarded you with the Kreativ Blogger award over on my blog so check it out! Xxxx.

  13. Thank you to all of yous for some great advicee! sorry am not replying to each and everyone of you, havnt got as much time at the moment but should very soon!:) love replyinh to each of you! big massive thankyou to all you beaut followers. xxx x x x