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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I want to say a HUGE Thank-you to everyone who reads my blog and also who as giving me these amazing awards throughout the week- I am so happy to say i have got awarded two Cute blog awards,So Ive decided to put them into one to save 2 posts what theres no need for!:) I have got 4 awards this week! AMAZING.
Thank you so much:

- Link back to the person who awarded you
- Answer award questions
- Share something you haven't shared about yourself on your blog
- Award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award
1. What is your 'go to' make up product?
I wouldn't really say i have one but maybe foundation?
2. What was your favourite fashion trend of 2011?
Again,i don't have one. I like to try out different styles but maybe the Peter Pan collars.
3. Favourite colour?
5. What was the last song you listened to?
I haven't a clue! How bad is that? aha!
6. Cats or dogs?
Dogs,I think cats are just horrible, no offence to anyone who loves them just my opinion!
PS i want a Pug.

I  think i have shared most things with my 'blogging' Friends;)
Apart from a very personal thing i don't find the need to tell yous.

The blogs i find CUTE.

Lots of love xxxx


  1. Thanks lovely! :D Need to do this soon! <3 You deserve this!

    1. awh no prob babe! you deserve it!:)


  2. Thank you for nominating me :-)

    Holli x

  3. Congratulations!! This IS a very cute blog. I love it, definitely following!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    lots of love xxx