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Saturday, 7 January 2012


Hey Dolls!  Firstly I just want to say a massive thank you to all my lovely followers yous are all FAB. I have read other peoples post ’what’s in my makeup bag’ and loved reading them so I just thought ill show you all what’s in my makeup bag! Lets get started.

I will start with my foundation&powders etc. I use Illmasqua skin base 04. It is such a nice colour not to orange not to pale ! I used to use MAC but since I started using Illmasqua foundation I have definitely fell in love with it! Its amazing. The loose powder is Illmasqua as well, I got this loose powder simply because I thought my skin was looking a bit shiny because of my blusher and adding this loose powder is brilliant! You only need to use a little amount and your done.
On to blusher-
I could not go one day without wearing blusher I find it just finishes your look. The blushers what I use is Illmasqua cream blush & Topshops blusher. Illmasqua blusher is very good only thing I would say is that you have to play around a bit with it to get the perfect look your wanting, It last for ages which is also a really good thing However the Topshop blusher I find its just as good!! To be honest I only bought the Topshop (Flush Colour) one as I didn’t want to spend £20 again on blusher.
                                                                   On to Eye shadows
These MAC eye shadows are from the range Glitter&Ice. The Glitter&Ice range is lovely and I love it. However when I got the first eye shadow it was really good and the colour was also lovely but I then went and got another one and I was very disappointed in it, the only way I could describe it is that its like  I bought a very cheap eye shadow! You had to use so much to even get the colour on your eyes! I only have these two eye shadows in my makeup bag but I do have a lot more.
These mascaras are the two what I would mostly use, I would use the Illmasqua one a lot more than I would the urban decay one. I got the urban decay one free when I bought there anniversary palette! The Illmasqua one is very good if you like long and a bit clumpy, that’s the way I love! The urban decay one is very good for curling your eyelashes.
                                                            Cream eye shadow -
I did use cream eye shadows when I was 13/14 years old but gone off them and I recently read someone’s blog and they were talking about cream eye shadows and I thought I might as well try them again and am absolutely loving them they are so easy to put on and I found one of the colours I got was to dark for my eyes and I just added a cream and gold colour to it and it was lovely! I love the look for a day to day look!
                                                                         A little mix -
My eyeliner is from Illmasqua again, I love Illmasqua too much! The eyeliner I find is good but I don’t use it that often as I have my pot eyeliner! The next pencil is my MAC eyebrow pencil I got it when I first started doing my eyebrows in. its real good. Lastly is my eye liner brush.
                                                                   Lipsticks –
My favourite I would of only wore lipsticks if I was going out somewhere but I have started wearing them everyday and totally love them, I have collected a lot already!! My favourite would have to be
Kate Moss Dark purple                                        Eyebrow cake-
I have Illmasqua eyebrow cake what it is really for your eyes as well!
Benefit brow zings one is very good! That was my first ever eyebrow cake!

My Soap&Glory bright here, Bright now energy balm is good for before you put your makeup on and to mix in with foundation if you are running low or just want to save it. MAC Gliter&Ice lip gloss is lovely on top of lipsticks, that’s what I mostly use it for. Urban dekay eye primer is brilliant for before you put eye shadow on and keeps it on way longer.

In this bag is a mix of other makeup I would tend to use a lot just doesn’t fit into mine!!! Hahaa. Tomuchmakeup
.I got these MAC brushes for Christmas, I do like them and they are good for all I use them but sometimes I would see a free hairs on my face from them. -

I hope yous enjoyed this post i tryed my best to make it as short as i could, ididnt want to make it and me not explaining what i should of..Please let me know what yous think and if yous have any good makeup products i would LOVE to know.

Lots of love x


  1. Ooooh you have some lovely make-up bits! I really want to try some Topshop makeup, I always repurchase the same things over and over! x

  2. I love these posts too, I want to do one but I think I need a bit of a clear out first xxx

  3. Ahhhhh this is so great! i love your blog! you have fantastic taste!
    Keep it up :)
    i would love it if you could check out my blog, would be an honour! here's the link:
    thank you!

  4. Lovely makeup bag, I always carry makeup with it and never use it :P

  5. Kathryn- You should, am lovving the blusher.

    miss amiea - awk thankyou, i will indeed.

    x x

  6. Loving your blog too honey!!!! I might do one of them 'What in my make-up bag' posts soon :D xxxxxx

  7. Ive got those MAC brushes too,theyre pretty good! Glad to see your a fellow user of browzings:) xx now following you x