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Thursday, 12 January 2012

I want..I want.

Hello Doll . I hope your all well! I apologise for lack of posts lately but i just haven't been in the mood but am back today!!!

Today am going to be writing about a dress i really want!! Its my birthday 24th feburary and am having a massive party (I will write a post soon on it) and as always i want to look my best after all it is my sweet 16th!!!!!!! whoohoo. I am so excited and its only janurary! this normal?LOL. I really want this dress but theres a little problem its £325 But look how beautiful it is.
I realllyyyy want this dresss soo much!!:( weh. I looked on the internet to see if anywere has it cheaper and i found it for £270! I think its so expensive because its forever unique. Its alot cheaper but still to dear. My mum woundnt pay that much for a dress and seriously when you think about it, It is a little expensive but its soo pretty. I looked on the interent for different dresses and i found this on..

I found this on on a website for £68 which is a bit cheaper but not as nice:( I hate when i want something but its far to expensive! expensive taste eh? I ordered this one and am hoping it fits.(Ill let you know on my birthday post) This dress was worn by - Cheska from made in Chelsa.

What do yous think of them dresses? be honest.

MWAH x x


  1. I prefer the first one but like you said its rather expensive! The cheaper one is still beautiful though.

    Just came across this and its a bargain at £35 (was £90)...

    This is beautiful too...

    Holli x

    1. Awh thanks sweet! i will post what dress i get near my birthday:) Such lovely comments!!! THANK YOU xx

  2. Ok you've got me into a bit of a a "prom dress" frenzy now haha. I also found this dress...

    Holli x

  3. Damn, the first one doesn't look its price.
    And hey the second one is just as pretty! Don't worry you'll look faaaab!


  4. Love the baby doll dress, so pretty - just wish I had to legs to carry one off! :)

    Jen xx

  5. I love the first one. I like the colour of it.. reminds me of mermaidssss :) haha.
    I dont know if i could part with that much for a dress but its still gorgeous :)
    I like the pink one too though - similar in style and much more affordable.

  6. The first one is soo pretty, its a shame its £325!!
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  7. Dresses are so pretty, great blog! I'm now following xx

  8. Awh you should get it! The cheaper one is more Sweet 16 to me than the expensive one. I'm sure it'll suit you and you'll look awesome. x

  9. A big Thank-you to you all for such lovely comments! really does cheer me up reading such nice comments!!

    BIG THANK YOU x x x x