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Friday, 27 January 2012

'OOH LA LA' Nails!

Hope yous all are doing well!

I thought I would share this little item  with you what a lot of you will love, I’ve just been chilling recently. But I did get some news Very GOOD news. It was that I got 4 one direction tickets, Where one direction are playing it was sold out in seconds where I live and I was one of those ones who didn’t get tickets, which I was not happy with !! I was well pleased when my auntie got a call from a certain someone that they got me four tickets! Whoohooo!!!!!!!!! I was in Primark in the queue to pay when I spotted these beaut fake nails so I lifted them and looked at the price and they were only £1.00! How cheap&amazing is that? Ano, I put them in my basket then when I got home I tried them out and they were nice on but didn’t last as much as I thought they would of but if you were going out for a night they would be a good cheap choice.

 In each pack you get 24 nails & Glue. I would buy stronger glue rather than use the glue you get.

Lots of love xxxxx


  1. these look great! i have seen a few people writing about these, i really wish that my nearest Primark sold the Primark Beauty stuff :(

  2. i literally bought these today! i've got a works party on sunday so i'm going to wear them then :) french nails gives such a pretty effect. They look so good on, especially for £1! xxxx

  3. I have some of these havnt used them yet though! I got ones with a pink tip also!

  4. Ive welcomed you on my page.. have a look.. :)xx

  5. ooo i got some of these too.. i used another glue that was better from a previous pack of fake nails and they stayed on for like 3 days!! they are such a good little buy though!!

    Thanks for the lovely comment over on my blog hun xo

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